Whos your favorite pro drummer?

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i have to say johnny rabb... the one handed rolls are insane... altho i do like thomas lang and benny greb also....
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I've seen just about all the clinician guys, and Vinnie remains at the top of my list of "wow" factor. He's got all the chops of the math drummers, but his understanding of music and ability to hear subdivisions out to the 64th note ... he's just exists in an entirely separate musical planet than anyone else. I think he's our generation's Tony Williams.
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Neil Peart, I know a million poeple are gonna disagree with me hear, but I truly belive he's the most musical drummer out there. A lot of poeple think he over plays or is too stiff or have a problem with his personal life (which shouldn't factor in to how you percieve someone's music) but I have all the rush albums (literally all of them even greatest hits albums for which I have the albums the songs come from) and I am just amazed not by his chops or flashyness, but how everything he does improves the music and enhances what is gong on in the song, and I love those fills that seem to follow the bass lines note for note.
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^I agree. Peart is also my favorite, though I, like many others, have a long list of favorites.
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