draconic & decontrolled from serbia

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hi guys, i play in two bands:
draconic, a meshuggah, strapping young lad, the dillinger escape plan, sikth and soilwork influenced metal band. we just finished recording our new album, and will be putting up some new songs on myspace as soon as we get the mastering done. the song on the myspace page is just a silly demo version that doesn't do the band any justice.
decontrolled, a mudvayne-meets-in flames-meets-sikth-meets-limp bizkit (oh my goodness...) sounding band. we're putting the finishing touches on the pre-production of our forthcoming album. the songs on the myspace page are recorded a lot before i joined the band.\
feel free to drop a comment or two!
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yeah, well, I've heard that these draconic dudes are a real bunch of cocksuckers....

just kidding.... they rock...

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