Best drummers of all time?

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wickerman wrote:You people ever heard of Neil Peart? or maybe John Bonham? so far you have named Weiner drummers that didnt know how to pound a drum kit.

yer... you clearly havn't heard of steve white then
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there is, and never will be, a greatest drummer, because no dingle drummer can successfully master EVERY style of drumming, and be the BEST at it. this question should be "best drummer of a certain genre"
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There are so many great drummers, some of them have been mentioned already and a lot of them haven't, here are a few that come to mind:

Steve Gadd
Vinnie Colaiuta
Dennis Chambers
David Garibaldi
Alex Acuna
Ignacio Berroa
Cliff Almond
Peter Erskine
Horacio Hernandez
Dave Weckl
Akira Jimbo
Antonio Sanchez
Carter Beauford
Buddy Rich
Louie Bellson
Gene Krupa
Art Blakey
Tony Williams
Paul Motian
Jeff Ballard
Jeff Hamilton
Stewart Copeland
Elvin Jones
Jack DeJohnette
Steve Smith
John Bonham
Billy Higgins
Brian Blades
Max Roach
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Are you serious?!! The guy from Atreyu?!! I saw that dude drop sticks three times, lose his tempo AND f*ck up his vocals the last time I saw that sorry excuse for a band... Seriously man, f*cking atreyu?!!

It just sucks because people like Derek Roddy and Nick Barker go unmentioned because everyone is so obsessed with drumming I've heard fifty million different people immitate. What about Tomas Haake?! Tomas Haake can play circles around a lot of people, hes not the quickest though... George Kollias was mentioned and hes arguably the best on the planet right now. What about Reno Killerich from Panzer Christ/Hate Eternal? I know these are all death metal/black metal drummers, but God dammit, they dont just play death metal and they dont constantly blast.

Seriously man, it f*cking sucks that Derek isn't playing professionally any more... People like overratted Niel Pert get sh*tloads of credit while REAL talent like Roddy can't continue to play because he makes jack sh*t for money. Its a shame how much of a lack of respect all of us show for the artists that influence us the most... ESPECIALLY Chuck Schuldiner... I'm not even going to go on...

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:idea: Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dennis Chambers, Buddy Rich, Omar Hakim, & Akira Jimbo. But the 1st two have the styles I most emulate.
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My personal faves;

Neil Peart
Carl Palmer
Nicko McBrain
Billy Cobham
Stewart Copeland
Alan Whie
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Buddy Rich, John Bonham & Keith Moon have been great influences to me...

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i'm honestly surprised no one has said Josh Freese. there has to be a reason why he's in such high demand as a studio and live drummer. he's got the ability to play everything and play everything amizingly well. another great drummer like this that has been mentioned is Steve Gadd.
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My favorites: Buddy Rich, John Blackwell, John Bonham and Danny Carey
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here are a few i like
Rodney Holmes--Gotta check this kid out, amazing creativity!
Thomas Lang--Show off, but one of the best flash drummers alive!
Hillary Jones--I think the best lady drummer alive--well besides Sheana E.
Aira Jimdo--Japaneez Great!
Zoro--Just frig'n amazing!
Joey Jordison--SlipKnot!! One of my favorates to see!
Tony Royster Jr.- He was better at 12 than I will probably ever be!
Alex Deagon--Australion Monster!
Felix Lehrmann--Lattin brillience!
Besides Thomas--I didn't see any of these--Really check em out--They all Rock!!!!
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There are really way too many drummers to be able to name them all with so many different styles, it's almost discusting..

For me I think some of the most influential and best drummers I can think of off the top of my head would be :
Buddy Rich
Gene Krupa
Neil Peart - Rush
Stewart Copeland - Police
John Blackwell- Prince etc
Dennis Chambers - Steely Dan
Ansley Dunbar - Old old Journey
Allen White - Yes
Marco Minneman - independent, clinician
Akiro Jimbo - independant, clinician
Mike Portnoy - Dream Theatre
Bonham - Zepplin
Phil Collins - Genesis
Carter Beauford - Dave Mathews
Steve Gadd - everyone lol.
Josh Freeze - perfect circle, studio
Matt McDonough- Mudvaynne
Chris Adler - Lamb of God
Jose Pasias - Incubus

so many more!
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Well, when we talk about the best drummers, you would think of those that are not just playing really well, but those who raise the bar of what is humanly possible. Im not talking speed, who has the quickest feet or hands, but someone who has all facets of great playing down pat, and then going beyond all that to take the craft of drumming to new heights.
There is in my mind only one man who is doing that right now.
Virgil Donati. The thunder from down under.
That is all i will say.
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Personal faves:-

Joey Jordison (Slipknot, Ministry)
Dave Lombardo (Slayer)
Nick McBrain (Iron Maiden)
Simon Heywood (After the Last Sky)