Blast/Grind beats?

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gravity blasting is simple in my opinion, I wouldnt use it in a song unless it was a moment of madness though. you only move at half pace whilst the fingers restrain the stick enough to get a crack as the stick moves back up for the next stroke, so if I were doing a 200bpm blast id be hittin up on a 400bpm one hand roll, I think its good to learn for the sake of it but its nothing more than an illusion.

Also, if you hone your technique well enough the looseness/tightness of your head shouldnt matter too much... im not picking bones, this is just how I've found things, I've found the whole "wind it up tight as it goes" thing to be just a good way to sound like a wind-up monkey whist needing less technique to get the pace out.

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I've seen gravity blasts before. I bought Flo Mounier's (Cryptopsy Drummer) "Metal Drumming 101" DVD, which is killer by the way, and he briefly went over gravity blasts, although there's not a whole lot to cover on those. It seems like it would be kind of akward setting yourself up for one coming straight out of another beat. Anyway, I fooled around for about an hour last night trying to figure out the best way to hold the stick and finally found one that works pretty well. I just have to work on building speed and coordination now. I'll be melting people's faces off with blast beats in no time :D
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