Do I need To Replace Snare Wires???

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Post Tue Jan 16, 2007 9:40 am

I agree with Kevin. There's nothing wrong with that particular snare. Changing the heads and snares can really help your sound. You might be surprised at how changing the resonant head can improve the sound of a drum. If the head came stock with the kit, chances are you can do better. My head choices on that particular drum would be a coated CD black dot as a batter and a hazy Amassador resonant head.

Putting new snares on a drum can also bring it to life. There are a number of fine snare wires on the market. I particularly like the Puresound snares.

Check them out:
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I agree 100 percent with screamkevin. I have that same snare and I replaced both heads with Remo Ambassadors, and put on the Puresound snares. It sounded like a completely different snare. Another drummer friend of mine did the same on his Ludwig snare with the same result. I received comments from soundmen and bandmates in both bands I play with. A friend of mine who is an engineer could not beleive how good that Yamaha sounded. He even said it rivaled his vintage Ludwig. I was a little leary of spending 30-40 bucks for that Puresound, but in hindsight it was money VERY WELL spent. Puresound snares are the Shiznit!
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Puresound wires rock. Even when I buy a $600 snare I'll still replace the wires and put some Puresounds on. Trust me it makes a huge difference. Even when I buy my Bell brass snare (around $1100), I'm still going to change out the snare wires and put some kind of Puresounds on there. A lot of people don't pay attention to the quality of the wires or how they are made. Puresound has a lot to choose from and if you go to their site you'll see what I mean. An export snare will never sound that great but put an Evans Hazy 300 and get some Puresound blaster wires, carefully tune the resonant head and you'll have a much better sounding snare.
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i got some dw truesound ( i think) and they sound great...picked them up for around $30 at guitar center
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I don't think so, my first set on my snare I broke the 2 wires on accedent but I thought it gave it just a little different noise. Now I use wires like vinnie paul and i love the sound
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i would ditch the stock ones. get some Puresound 20strand blasters for same feel n stuff but better sound n quality. more versatile. Puresound "offset" wires. they are a 20 set in a slightly bigger format. they have a gap the space of 4 wires between each set of 8 or 10(depending which model you buy). thsi is my fave set. i also love the Puresound 42strand. extremely good stuff.
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