Things you love at gigs

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session drummer
session drummer
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Post Sat Oct 07, 2006 11:49 am

First of all I like musicians who play well and who're professional in attitude and skill.

I enjoy it when the band is tight.

A good audience.

I like a good soundman who knows what he's doing.

A place to put my music stand if I need to read. And a socket to plug in my lamp!

I prefer carpeted stages. But I carry my own carpet just in case.

I like it when I don't have to sacrifice my set up due to space shortage. (This is why I try to check out the venue first)

I like it when there are no restrictions placed upon the band which the band can't control.

I like it when the music is something I enjoy.

I like playing Japanese corporate gigs because they pack up and go home early.

I of course like meeting women at gigs.

I enjoy meeting other drummers at gigs. Especially when they are complimentary.

I like the expressions on the faces of the rock police as they watch and criticise a show as opposed to actually playing it. :D

I like the free rider.

I like it when the equipment I am playing is first rate. This is for hired equipment because all my gear is first rate. ;)

I like getting booked by audience members during a show.

I like to play with different bands each night. So when that is happening, I like it.
I don't know what I'm talking about!

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drumming adept
drumming adept
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Post Sat Oct 07, 2006 3:17 pm

the buzz.its all about gettin the biggest high from goin up and

sittin on your throne lookin out into the crowd,lookin at the crowd staring at you,waiting for the guitar or drums to kick in.

talkin to people after the gig and listenin to what they have to say about your set,whether its good or bad.
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Post Sun Oct 08, 2006 8:36 am

The adrenaline rush. :D
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Post Mon Oct 23, 2006 2:23 am

A Monitor
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Post Thu Oct 26, 2006 4:39 am

It has to be the buzz off being on stage and then when you've finished and everyone claps, i kno it sounds a bit daft but it feels good.
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drumming adept
drumming adept
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Post Thu Oct 26, 2006 2:22 pm

theres a few moments for me n theres times when things are good but other times theyre not i will try n remember then to list em.

the very first one for me is during the middle of one of my bands songs i do a 4 or 5 minute drum solo n then we kick back into the song n finish it off. theres a bit in my solos which always makes people go mad n thats when i start a double bass 16th pattern really quite slow n taunt people to clap to the tempo i start the rythem going and then speed up until im really going as fast as i can go, everyone want absolutely ape shit when i got to full speed n it sounded like i was doing 24th notes at about 170 beats per minute. n then i stop take a bow n a wave and then do a fill which counts the song back in. everyone was so loud that was the loudest cheer of the night. i saw every other drummer in the house give me a nod n raise their bottles of beer for me n all i could do is sweat n pant n hoped i would make it through the rest of the 190 beats per minute song.

i love it when people shout for sticks at the end of the gig n then come up ask me to sign em n have a photo with me and hugs although they soon regret it with the cold wet back soaking with sweat lol.

a good riffy section to a song

a powerful ballady moment where i can really get emotional with my playing

bringing in my double bass kit for sound check n setting up. i hear voices from the other bands saying "whats he got all that for theres no way he can be that good." n then the sound check then saying "headlining drummer sound check please." then going up on stage n proving em all wrong. i love the faces :shock: like that but with a gaping mouth. this one guy one night basically said i was unworthy to play his 4 peice kit so i did my solo n he looked heart broken. im not a pro but im ok for 17 i love proving the stuck up assholes wrong.

the little things like when people shout for a certain song or go nuts when you announce the song they have been waiting to hear.

i wish the girls would flash their boobies for me..... ah well i will just convince our keyboard player.... hahah! :P

i also love it when your out n about on a weekend n someone will come up n say hey your the drummer for dreamcatcher n i will be like yeah thats me ha!
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Post Thu Oct 26, 2006 5:20 pm

1. Sexy Legs (females)
2. People that only knew you (me) as the geeky
little kid in high school- seeing/hearing you play a
difficult song and saying, "wow, you are good, i remember
beating you up, but now, you're a good drummer."
3. Getting that persons license plate info. w/that finding
where he lives, getting my revenge, nice a slow like.
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drumming adept
drumming adept
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Post Sun Oct 29, 2006 11:21 pm

When the cops come (for the second time) and shut you down literally right before your best song of the night and make everyone go inside or leave.

Yeah, that just happened like an hour ago.
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Post Sun Oct 29, 2006 11:27 pm

2 words, FREE BEER.
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Member Of The Year 2010
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Post Sun Oct 29, 2006 11:43 pm

Good groove
Good stage volume
"Pirate's Toast" (arrrrrrr) LOL I just played a Parrothead Phlocking in Vegas these past 2 weekends.....

(For those who don't know what a "pirate's toast" is, it's where you hold your drink up to the top of your head, make a pirate noise, drink, and if you're a woman, you flash the band your boobs.)
Chad Scott
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Post Mon Oct 30, 2006 1:10 am

flerting eyes, free food--don't drink much, great sound, the crouds energy, dry cloths after the show, money, big stages, feeling cooler than I was before the show--easy woman!
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Post Mon Oct 30, 2006 5:46 am

I love when people are dancing and bobbing their heads.
Also, I love playing in front of an aundience.
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drumming adept
drumming adept
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Post Mon Oct 30, 2006 7:18 am

The crowd!People after a show saying how they dug the show.
One time(early 90's)after a show this lady w/her little son came up to the stage when I was tearing down and got my attention.She said her son wanted my autograph (on one of my broken drum sticks I threw out during the show).This kid was like maybe 12? and his eyes were so big and watery.Anyhow,I'm thinking man I'm not no one
...I'm not famous.It blew me away!So,I signed the stick and handed it to him...he looked like he was going to cry...his mom said thank you...and they left.That was the best thing about ANY gig I've ever done.......the cool thing is that (A)My band and I played some pretty heavy stuff (B) is that maybe somewhere he's still got that stick and (C) Maybe I influenced him somehow and maybe he's a drummer...tearing it up somewhere!
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Post Mon Oct 30, 2006 10:13 am

The good stuff

people showing up
people enjoying what you do
chatting to the ladies after, and they talk to you, even though you are sweaty and look terrible
free beer before and finding out there is still some left after the show
someone to pack my drums up for me
someone else in the band doing something special - makes me want to top them
i prefer supporting - makes you want to do more to make the headline act try harder

The bad stuff
unloading - hate it - unloading after the show, then unloading when you get home
Singers not helping with getting stuff out of the building
venues who dont want to pay after you play, even though you packed the place
over enthusiastic people when all you want is a couple of minutes to grab a beer and chill after you have just finished playing
singers having a ego moment and walking out of the band 2 hours before playing (we still played and it was one of the best gigs we did - had to write lyrics backstage and convince the bassist to sing