What do you do in a practice session

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I would like to know what you cover in practice time. I do 2 hrs a day I practice rudiments, new lessons, play to music ., I would like to simplify it a bit more. Any advice woould be appreciated.
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Rob Crisp
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Actually I think you have a pretty good practice regime there!

Due to work, sometimes I don't get to practice as much as I like, but I usually try to incorporate a few things into my regime.

Rudiments and technique, (acts as a great warm up)


Musicality in different styles.



You can combine some of these into one exercise too.

For example take play along books and cd's. You are reading and practicing a style in one go. Whilst doing this you're improving your musicality in that style. Most have a solo section, which will really test your reading ability.

The other important thing to remember is to practice things you can't play easily, that's the only way to improve!

I also try and set myself a goal say 2 weeks to achieve a particular skill, weather its playing a 10 stroke roll or groups of 7 on the double bass drum while holding down a backbeat.
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I follow the same work ethic, Grooves & patterns to soloing. I get
the best of practice from sight reading new stuff from books.
You'll ever get in a slump, books are always there to help you get out.
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Practice? What is this...practice...that you speak of?? ROTFL :lol:
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I usually just play each day for about an hour. Also I work on rudimental drumming for about 20 minutes each evening on a practice pad. Every once in a while i'll go through a drum book that I haven't finished all the way.
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To warm up i play along to some CD's (Usually Mars Volta or Crimson) then i will start to work on the things that i've been having trouble with. A lot of times i spend hours trying to find a part i like for a certain riff one of my bandmates came up with. When we practice as a band i will improv a lot to keep the writing process moving steadily along. Then when i have a few hours to myself at the space i will go back over those parts and work something out.

I usually save rudiment work for when i'm at home watching tv. This i usually do on a pillow or on a couch cushion, or on my cat... :wink:
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Solo Session

2 Hour - Straight CD playing or band cd playing

1 Hour - Metronome - Snare and Kick

30 Mins - Soloing

1 Hour - Mesing around

Band Session - Usually an overnight session

5 Hours Setlist Practice
5 Hours writing music.
5 hours chilling out. lol
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