Which is better dw or Tama

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SabianLudwigZildjianDW wrote:Both make Great Pedals. DW has of a variety of Hardware, while Tama makes great drums for every type of player for a great price. Plus they started in Japan, so i would use Tama Drums and DW Hardware

That is exactly what I do
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drumming adept
drumming adept
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TAMA ... ive just got a thing for my rockstar kit
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but dw has better hardware so i guess i would upgrade my tama hardware to dw to make a dream set

lets see tama drums dw hardware and maybe pedals plus i have old zildjians

i would say thats a dream set
drumming adept
drumming adept
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dw by far
they sound good
and they have awesome finishes
anybody seen the new Twisted finishes
those are amazing
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Shawn Thacker wrote:Tama's baby the strongest name in drums! i have had two tama kits a set of 80s super stars, birch shells and now a set of Star classic's maple shells and they both sounded awsome especially the star classics and are very well designed from the hardware, mounting system, air vents,bass drum spurs, shells, everything! these babys sing and look great.

I have had to repair too many of Tama's stands when the threads crumbled out (that's right crumbled)! This even happened on the bass drum spurs. Cna you imagine having to play gig with the bass drum wanting to turn counterclock-wise because the threads crumbled when you went to set up?



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id take either one....i love my tamas, but dws are sexy aswell haha
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