Which is better dw or Tama

Pearl, Tama, Yamaha, DW, Ludwig, Premier, Mapex etc.

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i use a tama rockstar with dw hardware and dw 5000 double bass pedal.so i prefer this choise
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to be honest I have DW drums and recently purchase a Tama Starclassic performers. I mix match the sets. I enjoy the resonation from the DW kick-22 by 18 better than the resonation from the tama 22 by 18. But then again the DW kick is maple and the Tama is birch. so the wood has a lot to do with it. But I love those Birch toms from the Tama set. Now the snares are hard to decide on They both make great snares and you will never go wrong with going either way. All in all both are great kits and but I took the best of both worlds and combined them together along with another drum company's stuff called Fibes. But to be honest one kit took 2 years to pay off (DW) where as the Tama kit will take half as long. So all in all for a starting muscian buy a Tama they sound great and are road worthy.
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although dw's r expensive they are quickly becoming the most used kit in studios. And dw's are great your getting alot of bells and whistels with a dw kit. BUT for about 1/4 the price (sometimes) you can get a tama and be just as happy. being that tamas are made over seas they have cheaper labor cost so they can offer your a high end kit at a reasonable price. and the new tama baginga is incredible!
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*Sigh* I thought I had covered this before, but I'll do it again. Sorry, but it's one of my pet peeves...



It's all subjective, based one one's opinions and personal preferences. Using the phrase "best" is such a lame crutch, that we as drummers really need to get rid of. So please, for my own sanity, and the love of all that's holy, please quit asking "what's the best" and just use what you prefer to use!!!

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best listen to him!

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I tend to agree with drumming adept. What's best is all a matter of opinion. As a consumer I find it all a bit naive to think one company is so good I would forge an alliance with them as if they are my local football team. I mean seriously, the sales people must think to themselves "Come in spinner!" whenever some guy plasters a brand name over everything.

I notice things like "The Mapex Army" and stuff and wonder if it isn't the guy who owns Mapex doing a bit of underhanded free advertising. :lol:

I own drums made by lots of different manufacturers because no one brand makes everything I need. I've got Ludwig, Pearl, Sonor, Raul, Contemporanea, Torelli, LP, Rogers, Slingerland etc etc.

I think that rather than deciding what is the best beforehand it is wiser to listen to each drum on its own merits. Regardless of the logo on the shell. Jeez, half these drums are made in the same factory anyway nowadays.

I am actually thinking I might buy a DW set. I know they are great drums. But I haven't liked the sound of any DW kick drum I've heard so far. I am keepinjg an open mind though. I know DW has this amazing reputation, but as far as I am concerned they are no better than any other high level kit. The same with Tama, Pearl etc etc.
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Absolutly I choose TAMA. It have better sound, stronger hardware and the best prices on market. DW it's a great brand or drums, but the prices it's insane and the sound of TAMA and DW are the same. So TAMA FOREVER.
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I been playing TAMA Artstar II kit Maple Shell with 5 1/2 Maple Cherry Tama Snare and love it. I play on a DW for a practice kit
as well? I love em both! Hard pick!
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I'd always wanted a Starclassic until recently when I went drum shopping with my friend who bought a DW Collectors Series, beautiful kit with an amazing sound.

I then agonised over the choice, Tama or DW.

I eventually went for a Tama Starclassic Birch Bubinga which is stunning, sounds great and cost me £1500.

If I'd bought a DW in the same set up would have cost me nearly twice as much!

Basically, if you have money to burn DW is great, but if not, there's nowt wrong with a Starcalassic, they're amazing kits!
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DW for sure! There the nuts! There beautiful kits both for looks and sound! Although Tama are still awesome kits!
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Shawn Thacker wrote:Tama's baby the strongest name in drums! i have had two tama kits a set of 80s super stars, birch shells and now a set of Star classic's maple shells and they both sounded awsome especially the star classics and are very well designed from the hardware, mounting system, air vents,bass drum spurs, shells, everything! these babys sing and look great.

Those 80's birch shells were amazing....used to have a wood toned set myself... They were stolen. :twisted:
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not another 'BEST' post :evil: there everywherE!!
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i like tama pedals but if i was looking for a drum set then i would go for pearl but if i had to choose between these 2 brands for a set then i would go for neither.
pearl drum sets own. :D
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chastize me all you want... I own 3 kits a DW blue marine (bought used) , a Ludwig CS Elite, and an old POS rockwood (don't laugh).... I gotta honestly say the elite is my fav. I have played Tama (fusion) and all i gotta say it is all about preference..... I am most comfy with the response of the Ludwig... to compare which drum set is over all better than the other is like deciphering the over all best song of all time... everyone has a different preference.... I choose ludwig or gretsch over dw or tama because that is my preference.... sorry i was not too much help
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Tama baby!! the best for the bashers!