What stool do you use?!

It's time to discuss drum accessories.

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mikeellis wrote:

Oh...and back rests? What is the point?

For me its just my back, I have been marchin snare for a while and my back just starts to hurt with that kind of pressure especially for extended periods of time. I play for a lot of different churches in my area when their drummers are out and one church that I play at usually will do a 1- 1.5 hr of music... that totally convinced me the back rest is worth it. I must say though that the round seat never is bad, but if you can find a seat that fits u just right... man its legit.

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I am a Pearl Drummer but I do use a different throne.. its a Tama Sumo ... this thing is like a lazyboy of thrones.. one of the best things I have ever bought for my kit and me!
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mikeellis wrote:
Oh...and back rests? What is the point?

For me it is to help my back. A back rest seems to stop lower back pain.
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use a pearl roadster.only cost about £129 from www.poolepercussion.co.uk

used to use the throne that came with my kit but it was uncomfy and ended up falling to bits.

dont think i'll be changing it for a long while.as stirdy as you like,dont think you could get much more comfort and to top it all,its got shocks/suspension.helps a hell of alot when im playin cos i really do tend to get into the music and 'bounce' around alot and you can also make it the shocks firmer or softer which is a bonus..

as for the back rests..i dont use one,and personally dont see the point in them.even during gigs,im never stand still long enough to sit back..
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Roc-n-Soc Nitro with a back rest. Never used to give the throne much thought. Read an article where they talked about how drummers spend all kinds of money on gear and then use a $10 throne. You have to sit on it for hours so spend the extra and be comfy. As far as the backrest....now that I've used one, I'll never play without one.
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I've got my Mapex throne with my kit, but I like playing when sitting on a regular chair(backrest). I have my throne set so low that it is the same height as most chairs(in case there's no throne on the venue to use). I guess I could use a backrest.
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roc-n-soc- ftw u cant go wrong with that
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I am a taller drummer, and I like to sit above my drums. I cant stand a short stool, even when you screw it up all the way, and its a pain screwing it.

I got a good deal on the Roc n Soc (i buy an insane amount of stuff at jacks so i got a price break). The gas suspension is nice, and I got the backrest included for free. I dont use the backrest tho, unless I use the chair for a coumputer seat.

I feel spoiled on this throne. Its a lot nicer than my ass really needs. Its super comfy and super expensive.

Personally I could sit on a medium size barstool and be fine as long as it was the right height. But if comfort is what youre looking for, and you have a fat wallet, I like the roc n soc with the backrest.

My other choice was the Premier stool, its a firmer stool, but with the same amount of padding as the roc n soc, and its tons cheaper. If you like a padded but firmer seat, the Premier is nice, and there legs on the Premier hardware look nice.
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Another vote in for Pearl Roadster. I don't even need the shock absorber, I'm just so happy to have a screw and not that damned clamp.
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I am using the Roc n' Soc Nitro w/ the tripod base and a backrest. I love it because it not only provides superior comfort but it helps to relax me, which is so important. The backrest really helps when laying into the double pedals because it gives me something to lean back on and a sense of stability. It gives a solid feeling of being held but w/ freedom of movement. It also helps me keep my back straighter and reduces fatigue. I have another stool I use in the rehearsal studio w/ my studio kit (less schlepping of gear) and I get uncomfortable on those nights. I need two of 'em! I also installed a throne shaker so I can feel my kick on the louder, bigger gigs/venues. Those things are cool.
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I have the BIG "Tama" .... let me look...
"1st Chair" (another name I do not like by them-
the other was "Iron cobra" I wrote them a letter about
how stupid this "wrestler" name was/is (m.h.opinion)-

anyway- this chair is huge- roughly the size of Montana.
I am sort of thin- this thing is huge I tell ya! It was the best
chair around with the attachment for the back/lumbar support
and has great reviews. I had 2 others break on me from shotty
welding and shotty steel- this one has the big double braced
LEGS so - it can hold Snuffleupagus!