Who are your Influences?

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JAdrums2k wrote:
Mine -

Mike Portnoy, Jeff Campitelli, Todd Sucherman, Matt Cameron, John Bonham, Simon Kirke, Tommy Lee, Steven Adler, Tommy Aldridge, Omar Hakim, Phil Collins, Eric Carr, Eric Kretz, Chester Thompson, Tony Thompson, Vinnie Paul, Will Calhoun, Stewart Copeland, Neil Peart, Jeff Porcaro, Eric Singer, Simon Phillips, Tommy Stewart, Jimmy D'Anda

You know I almost put Neil Peart, Vinnie Paul, and Bonham in the list. I figured Bonham is mentioned so much, that'd be redundant to mention the guy. Even though I like Neil Peart I can't really think of a particular way he influenced me although I'm sure he has in some way. Vinnie Paul I almost put even though I was never a huge Pantera fan and he didn't really influence my playing to any degree. If you listen to "Reinventing the Steel", some of that playing is absolutely phenomenal. I guess if the topic was more strictly "Drummer's you like the most" the list would be huge and would include perhaps a different set of names than the topic "Drummer's the influenced you the most". Anyways, that's a pretty well rounded list you got there. Quite a few names in there that deserve to be mentioned more often by the drumming public at large.