Who are your Influences?

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Tony Williams
Max Roach
Elvin Jones
Neil Peart
Steve Smith
billy ward
stephen perkins
Peter Erskine
papa jone jones
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John Bonham

Peter Criss

Joey Kramer

Roy Mayorga

Mike Luce



Racci Shay

Mike Cox

Raymond Herrera

Mike Portonoy

I Guess i really influenced by more then just Drummers

im influenced by MUSICIANS,and what they do with the music given an influence of anther persons influence..Make since?




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drumming adept
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Buddy Rich

Gene Krupa

Dave Weckl

Tony Williams

Alan Dawson

Horacio Hernandez

Bill Bruford

Stewart Copeland

Marco Minneman

Neil Peart

Steve Gadd
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Derek Roddy
Dave Mackintosh
Franky Costanza
George Kollias
Tim Yeung
Raymond Herrera
Mike Mangini
Terry Bozzio
Virgil Donati
Tim Waterson
Pure Deaththrash
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The Early Years....

Cozy Powell - Rainbow
Neil Peart - Early Rush up through 2112
Carl Palmer - ELP/ASIA
Bruce Crump - Molly Hachet orig. drummer
Todd Suchermann - Styx
Steve Gadd - Clapton
John Bonham - Led Zeppelin
Micheal Hossack - Doobie Brothers
Don Brewer - Grand Funk Railroad
Derek Hess - Rossington Collins Band
Jerry Mercer - April Wine

And later on.....

Bobby Rodinelli - BOC, Rainbow, Balck Sabbath
Todd Sucherman - Styx (still there!)
Tony Richards - WASP & Great White
Scott Rockenfield - Queensryche
Mick Fleetwood - Fleetwood Mac
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Hilary Jones
Jeff Porcaro
Karen Teperberg
Cindy Blackman
Brad Wilk
Phil Rudd

These are just some of my favorites. Peace from Drummergirl :lol:
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drumming adept
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Of all great drummers I've heard, I will name a few:

Ian Paice - Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Gary Moore
John Bonham (R.I.P.) - Led Zeppelin
Phil Collins - Genesis
Brian Downey - Thin Lizzy
Ian Mosley - Marillion, Steve Hackett
Simon Phillips
Manu Katche - Peter Gabriel, Session
Tommy Aldridge - Ozzy, Whitesnake, Black Oak Arkansas, Pat Travers...
Cozy Powell (R.I.P.) - Rainbow, Sabbath, Whitesnake, ELP, Michael Schenker...
Ainsley Dunbar - Jeff Beck, Journey, Whitesnake...
Barrymore Barlow - Jethro Tull, Robert Plant
Chester Thompson - Genesis, Zappa
Mike Bordin - Faith No More
Alex Van Halen - Van Hagar, oooops! ...Halen! :wink:
Bill Ward - Black Sabbath
Mitch Mitchell - Jimi Hendrix
Pierre van der Linden - Focus
Terry Bozzio - Jeff Beck, Zappa, Session...
Carl Palmer - Emerson Lake & Powell, oooops ...& Palmer! :wink:
Bill Bruford - Yes, King Crimson...
Neil Peart - Rush
Matt Cameron - Soundgarden
Rod Morgenstein - Dregs/ Dixie Dregs
Roger Taylor - Queen
Mike Portnoy - Dream Theater
Vinnie Colaiuta - Sting, Zappa, Session...
Jeff Porcaro (R.I.P.) - Toto
Billy Cobham - The Mahavishnu Orchestra, solo, session
Simon Kirke - Free, Bad Company
John Blackwell - session
Scott Rockenfield - Queensryche
Lenny White - Return to Forever
Alan White - Yes, Lennon
Dave Weckl - Solo, session
Mick Tucker - Sweet (My first idol, alongside Ringo Starr!)
Buddy Rich - Solo, session
Denny Carmassi - Heart, Montrose, MSG, Coverdale/Page...
Louis Bellson - session (Major big bands), solo
Gene Crupa - session (Major big bands), solo
Carmine Appice - Vanilla Fudge, session
Ringo Starr - The Beatles
Nigel Olsson - Elton John

I'm terribly sorry to all those I have obviously forgot to mention. :oops:
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1. Bonham
2. Dave Weckl
3. Jeff Porcaro
4. Vinnie Colaiuta
5. Steve Smith
6. Tony Williams
7. Neil Peart
8. Simon Phillips
9. Virgil Donati
10.Peter Erskine
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Sean Kinney
Neil Pert
Ginger Baker
Carter Beuford(however you spell it)
Dale Crover
Dave Groul
Stewart Copland
Taye:Rock Pro Classic Rock 5 Piece
Tama & Pearl:Hardware
Evans:Drum heads
Vader:Fat Back 3A Sticks & Slick-Nuts
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drumming adept
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idolxcid wrote:List the drumers that inspire you. And post what band(s) they are in.

Mine are:

Simon Wright: Dio


Did I tell you that he played on my Yamaha Recording Custom 9000's when Dio played in Norway, about a month ago?! :D 8)
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session drummer
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Who are my influences?

That's quite a question.

Well here goes.

Some guy playing in some long forgotten band at the Wy Yung pub, circa 1971.

Steve Gadd. Played with just about everyone.

Why? Taste. Feel. Chops. I think he's the master. I recently saw him in the Drummers Collective DVD. The guy just sat down and then laid it down with perfect feel. Perfect time. He had no interest in trying to show off. He just came in and did the best job he could and it was so musical, so supportive of the other instrumentalists. He blew all the other drummers away simply by playing a shuffle.

I also saw him live with Paul Simon years ago and had a great seat looking right down at him. He's the greatest drummer I've ever seen.

Steve Jordan. Played with just about everyone. He's kind of like Gadd. Plays with his heart and soul and everything he plays fits with the music. He's unselfish and never tries to impose anything unnecessary upon the music. Steve Jordan places the music first. Just as all musicians should. He's not only a perfect drummer. He's a perfect musician. I've been listening to him for over 20 years and I still love everything I've heard him do.

Louis Bellson. Played with just about every jazz player that matters. I got to meet this great guy. He's the personification of class. He's also a spectacular drummer. Totally in command from behind a set of drums. Incredible technique and creativity.

Joe Morello. Played with many, including Brubeck. Great chops, taste, feel etc etc. Morello played on the last ever # 1 single containing a drum solo. That in itself shows how musical he is.

Art Blakey. Played with so many it isn't funny. Stunning polyrhythmic powerhouse. All contained within a small frame. He sounds ten feet tall. Great, spectacular drummer. 1 of my all time favourites.

Buddy Rich. When I first heard him I couldn't believe it. I still can't!

Max Roach. Max is a true original. I've never heard another drummer sound like him. 1 of a kind. Genius!

David Garibaldi. My first teacher put me onto David. I'm so glad he did. I own all his albums and his instructional work. I don't really know what to say about this guy. He's just tremendous. I got to meet him and he was very cool and easy to talk to.

David, I'm still listening. Thanks very much!

Horacio Hernandez. I'm working through his book and it's a God send. I love his playing. I'm blown away by what he can do. And I'm not alone.

Ignacio Berroa. This guy played with Dizzy over 20 years ago. And only recently he got an interview in Modern Drummer. And he wasn't even on the cover. Some hard rock guy was. That kind of says it all.

The real guys know about him, and they appreciate him.

I saw him with Dizzy back in the United Nations Orchestra days playing with Airto and Giovanni. I will never ever forget that concert.

Ignacio's a God damned Legend!

Bill Bruford. Without a doubt one of the most intelligent and creative drummers to ever pick up sticks. And his band kicks some serious butt!

Kenny Clarke. One of the most swingingest drummers I ever heard. A master blaster who was possibly the greatest of all the be bop players.

Chick Webb. I just wish he had made more recordings. He put the swing in swing.

Gene Krupa. He didn't have the best chops, but he had wonderful musicality and showmanship. He's the first drummer I ever heard of.

Harvey Mason. Played with, well, you name it! Harvey is in the class of someone like Steve Gadd. His work with the Head Hunters still knocks me out. Actually everything this guy does knocks me out. He's been an incredible influence on me.

Jo Jones. Oh man. He's beyond my limited ability to express myself. He played on some of the best feeling music ever recorded. And he did it all with a smile on his face.

Earl Palmer. Well, one of the hilights of my life was getting some DVD footage of Earl playing one song with Steve Jordan.

His touch...............

Vinnie Colaiuta. I first heard him on Joe's Garage. Loved it. Great player who can do anything. I haven't heard him in a while though.

Ziggaboo Modeliste. Mr Funk! 'nuff said.

Ndugu Chancellor. Loved him with Santana. Loved everything else I heard too. He's rarely spoken of by drummers today. At least by the younger guys. They have no idea what they are missing out on.

?ustelove. I only got into this guy over the last couple of years. He's got some serious taste and a Hell of a nice groove.

David Jones. Australia's greatest ever drummer. No question. I once heard him play the ocean.

I'm serious.

Phill Rudd. I'm no fan of AC/DC. But Rudd's one hell of a great player. I saw a drumshop full of drummers simply stand and stare once Phill had sucked them into his groove. Amazing!

Benny Benjamin. Man, what to say? Mr HIT! One of the greatest hit makers in drum history. Virtually unknown amongst the kids of today. Oh they've heard him. They just don't know who he was.

Al Jackson. Very much like Benny Benjamin in that outside of those educated properly in drumming, he's virtually unknown.

Bernard Purdie. Played with everyone. Another hit machine. Inspires me no end.

Jeff Porcaro. Played with just about everyone.

I cried when he died.

Clyde Stubblefiled. "Give the drummer some". What can I say? I love him so much that is my signature.

Adam Nussbaum. Played with just about everyone. Mad swining organic genius. Love him!

Tony Williams.

I'm still in shock that he died.

And I think I always will be.

God I miss him! To think he is no longer with us is just terrible.

I have to say his name again.

Mr Tony Williams.

RIP Tony. Thanks for the music.

Airto. This guy floored me with a pandeiro solo. I've yet to get up. I love his drumming as much as I love his percussion work.

There's plenty more, but that'll have to do for now.
I don't know what I'm talking about!

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Neil Peart: Rush (favorite)
Joey Jordison: Slipknot
Travis Smith: Trivium
Chris Adler: Lamb of God
Longieu Parsons: Yellowcard
Morgan Rose : Sevendust
Jason Bittner: Shadows Fall
Brann Dailor: Mastodon
Vinnie Paul: Pantera
Ian Paice: Deep Purple
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Here are my influences:

Neil Peart - Rush (Der Trommler!!!)
Carter Beauford - Dave Matthews Band
?uestlove - The Roots
Buddy Rich
Dave Weckl
Steve Gadd
The Rev - Avenged Sevenfold
Dennis Chambers
Tony Royster Jr.
Chad Smith - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Ian Paice - Deep Purple
Stewart Copeland - The Police
Abe Laboriel Jr.
Aaron Spears - Usher
Akira Jimbo
Travis Barker - blink-182
Gregg Bissonette
Jason Bittner - Shadows Fall
Max Weinberg - Bruce Springsteen
Tommy Lee - Motley Crue
JoJo Mayer - Nerve
More to come in a later post...
I've gone to find myself. If I get back before I return, please keep me here.
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Am i the first to say..... Gene Krupa!!!!
Steve Jordan also awsom for his deep pocket
JoJo Mayer for his flash, Solid beat, and overall dedication to practise.
Always searching for a deeper pocket to play.
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In no particular order...cause they have all hit me at one point or another:

JIM BROCK (Janis Ian/Kathy Mattea)--great DVD out now--The Nature of Drumming)
John Bonham
Phil Rudd
Neil Peart
Simon Phillips
Jeff Porcaro
Eddie Bayers
Shannon Forrest
Steve Smith
carter Beauford
Ringo Starr
Jim Keltner
Buddy Rich
Max Roach
Gene Krupa
Steve Gorman
Steve Ferrone
Liberty DeVitto
Jamie Oldaker
Phil Collins
Rod Morganstein
Dennis Elliot
Stewart Copeland
Tre Cool
Taylor Hawkins
Dave Grohl
Gregg Bissonette
Nicko McBrain
Mark Craney
Doane Perry
Nigel Olsen
Neal Smith
Pichie Heyward
Tommy Lee
Frank Beard
Keith Moon
Nick Mason
Joey Kramer
Chris Slade
Floyd Sneed
Rick Allen
Steve Gadd
Lynn Samples (Sugarcreek)
John Harwell (Sugarcreek)
John Molo
Paul DeLong (Kim Mitchell)
Michael Urbano
Kelly Keagy
Bennie Benjamin
Pistol Allen
Uriel Jones
Freddie White
Sonny Emory
DJ Fontana
Hal Blaine
Pat Mestelotto
Steve Jordan
Carlos Vega

HELL...everyone I have ever listened to and continue to listen to.
Keep groovin',


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