Your top 5 drumming songs

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granny p
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Post Sun Jan 07, 2007 9:12 am

1. Rossana- Toto
2. Soul vaccination (live)- tower of power
3. cant you see (live) - tower of power
4. ticks and leeches - tool
5. Crack it way open - Greg Howe, Victor Wooten, Dennis Chambers
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Dream Theater- The dance of Eternity
Dream Theater- Beyond this Life
Dream Theater- Honor Thy Father
Dream Theater- The Ytse Jam
Vornagar- Hyperion
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first post, ever, it's nuts i know, everyone who's on this forum should friend Greg, Drummer on myspace. He gives cool topics. Such as this one.
Now, anywho.

1. Muse- Stockholm Syndrome
2. Radiohead- Where I End, and you Begin.
3. Franz Ferdinand- Jacqueline (it's always better on holiday)
4. Bloc Party- Like Eating Glass
5. Muse- Micro Cuts

I don't know why, but i love rocking out to alt & punk music, it's a passion.

I got the first 2 down, the rest i'm working on.
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Neon - John Mayer

Cygnus Vismund Cygnus - Mars Volta

The Grudge - Tool

Almost every single song from A Perfect Circle

Blackest Eyes - Porcupine Tree

There are lots of others...but those are the ones that come to mind now :P
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i could never put this in order tho

anything by thomas lang
anything by meshuggah
anything by tool
anything by behemoth
anything by slayer
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Only 5! no particular order

Steely Dan :- Aja
Tool :- 46&2
QOTSA :- No One Knows
Soundgarden :- Jesus Christ Pose
The Police :- Message In A Bottle
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Native Metal - On the Virg
Alien Hip-Hop - On the Virg
Inside Black - Planet X
Access Denied - Dave Weckl
101 Shuffle - Dave Weckl

I also like a lot of Tool's stuff as well.
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Well I have a neat little folder on my PC labeled "Practice Songs" with abotu 15 or so songs by various rock artists that I warm up with. I try to get a few different types of drumming in so I keep myself "well rounded", for lack of better words :D

I'd have to say my top 5, in no particular order, are..

- Sheep, by Pink Floyd
- The Real Me, by The Who
- American Girl, by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
- Joker & the Thief, by Wolfmother
- Californication, by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers
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Top five favorite drumming songs?

1.Rush - Subdivisions
2.Foo Fighters - My Hero
3.Tool - Vicarious
4.Korn - Falling Away From Me
5.Three Days Grace - Animal I've Become
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Jeeze, we need some diversity here. Its all rush and tool. :p . Not to say there not awesome, but we need some other bands here too.

1. Opeth- Deliverance
2. Opeth- The Leper Affinity
3. Nevermore- Enemies of Reality
4. The Black Dahlia Murder- A Vulgar Picture
5. Lamb of God- Ashes of the Wake

I would have put something by tool, but everyones got tool. You guys should check out Opeth if you haven't heard them though. Corey Lopez is an amazing drummer.
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This is always hard. In no particular order:

1. Taste by Phish
2. Dr. Geek by the Melvins
3. Big Time by Medeski, Martin, and Wood
4. Eulogy by Tool
5. Beelzebub by Bruford
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Some favorite drum tunes to listen to (can't possibly limit it to 5)...

Deep Purple ~ Rat Bat Blue (Ian Paice)
Van Halen ~ Outta Love Again (Alex Van Halen)
Dave Brubeck Quartet ~ Far More Drums (Joe Morello)
King Crimson ~ B'Boom/Thrak (Bill Bruford/Pat Mastelotto)
Frank Zappa ~ Punky's Whips (Terry Bozzio)
Led Zeppelin ~ When The Levee Breaks (John Bonham)
Cream ~ Toad (Ginger Baker)
Rush ~ YYZ (Neil Peart)
Jeff Beck ~ Led Boots (Narada Michael Walden)
Billy Cobham ~ Quadrant 4 (Spectrum)
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O Baterista - Rush
YYZ - Rush
Any Way You Want It - Journey
Free Will - Rush
Tom Sawyer - Rush
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drumming adept
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"Any Way You Want It - Journey " I dont understand how a song like that or Korn - Falling Away From Me
Three Days Grace - Animal I've Become...etc. etc. all of these bands where the drumbeats are the most simple and obvious grooves out there, throughout the entire song could be fun to jam to.
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My Top 5 would have to be

West Side Story-Buddy Rich
Sing Sing Sing-Gene Krupa
Aja-Steve Gadd
#41-Carter Beauford

A tie for the fifth
Bonzo's Montreux-Bonzo (of course), The Funky Drummer-Clyde Stubblefield, Oakland Stroke-Dave Garibaldi (and this is actually the intro and outro on the Tower of Power album "Oakland Stroke", Sunday, Bloody Sunday-Larry Mullins Jr