Your top 5 drumming songs

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The Drummer
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1- the wicked end (A7X)
2- bat country (A7X)
3- tears dont fall (Bullet for my valentine)
4- suffocating under words of sorrow (bullet for my valentine)
5- some 3 doors down songs (they vary)
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Any songs from Led Zeppelin or Rush
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I think it's damn near impossible to narrow down the top 5 drumming songs. I don't think I could narrow down my top 5 drumming songs in any genre let alone rank the top 5 pieces in music as a whole. It's tough enough to rank your top 5 drummers let alone their individual works.
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Led Zeplin - In my Time of Dying
The Who - Won' get fooled agiain
Rush - Tom Sawyer
The Police - Message in a bottle
Atheist - Unquestionable Presence
Benny J
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1. Instrumedley- Dreamtheater
2. Hells Kitchen- Dreamtheater
3. Mark my words- P.O.D.
4. Everything- Pillar
5. Face to Face- Sevendust
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Lipstick Vogue - Elvis Costello (Pete Thomas on drums)

Dreaming - Blondie (Clem Burke. An 'all about the song' man if there ever was one!)

It's Late - Queen (Roger Taylor. Genius on every record)

My Affair - Kirsty MacColl ( Hell if I know who it is, but the afro-cuban-pop thing this dude is throwing down is pretty rock fucking solid).

Young Lust - Aerosmith (Joey Kramer is one the most underrated guys to ever play the game.)
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FIVE No Way...
Dream Theatre
Led Zeppelin
you decide, I only wish I could be half as good.
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Sidewinder (A7X)
The Game (Trapt)
Burned Out (Sevendust)
Under A Glass Moon (Dream Theater)
Pathetic (Lamb Of God)
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1) DÅ¥em - Jak malowany Ptak :) The best Polish rock-blues Band :)
2) Matis Yahu - King Without a Crown
3) RHCP - Easily
4) Habakuk - Wolny od Ja :) Polish reggae Band :)
5) Tool - 10000 days -THE POT :)
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drumming adept
drumming adept
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"Eriatarka"-The Mars Volta
"Rubber Mallet"-Alien Ant Farm
"Walking on the moon"-The Police
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groove master
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Nobody mentioned a song that made more drummers pick up sticks than all others put together:

Inna Gadda Davida - Iron Butterfly!!!

And the next four are (in no particular order):
What IS Hip - Tower of power (Unbelieveable drive!)
We Will Rock You - Queen (Drums DEFINE this tune!)
Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin (oh come on, admit it, this one always makes you smile!)
The Black Page - Zappa (written FOR a drummer... it should be the definition of a drum song!)
The Freq
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Access Denied - Dave Weckl
Still My Bleeding Heart - Steve Vai
You're not Alone - Saga (live in transit)
West Side Story - Buddy Rich
Greasy Granny - Charlie Hunter (any Charlie Hunter really :-)
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drumming adept
drumming adept
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1. Satch Boogie ~ Joe Satriani
2. Wanton Song ~ Led Zepplin
3. Addicted to that Rush ~ Mr. Big
4. Walk ~ Pantera
5. Balls to the Wall ~ Accept
drumming adept
drumming adept
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As Blood Runs Black - My Fears Have Become Phobias
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Two Inches From The Main Artery
Atreyu - Right Side Of The Bed
Underoath - Its Dangerous Buisness Walking Out Your Front Door
Haste The Day - When Everything Falls
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1. Managua (Naked Raygun)
Drummer: Jim Colao

2. Cheese Plug (Scratch Acid)
Drummer: Ray Washam

3. Trouser Minnow (Rapeman)
Drums: Ray Washam

4. State of the Union (The Subverts)
Drums: Mike Crown

5. You Can't (Suicide Commandos)
Drummer: Dave Ahl

These aren't considered excellent drumming per se, but they are the top 5 I find most inspiring.