BEST snare sound ever recorded

Tama, Pearl, Yamaha, Premier, Mapex etc.

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Chad Smith's snare is an interesting one but I think thats because the way he hits it...

John Boham has my favorite snare sound...

On Studio ive always liked snare sounds from Steve Jordan, especially on those of John Mayer, with those CDs u just start listening n listening the tracks and the sound and its catchy n it sounds good.
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Theres so many, though Jeff Porcaros on Rosanna and the stuff he did with MJ springs to mind
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Chad Smith's snare sound near always rocks the most ass, but I think it was best displayed in the Red Hot Chili Pepper's 'Blood Suger Sex Magic'
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Great question, but so difficult to answer. I guess we shall just
list our opinions.

Ya'll beat me to some of my fav's like:
Stewart Copeland (Spirits in the material world)
Neil Peart (Exit stage left album)

I purchased a snare drum based on one song:
"Midnight Snow" by 'The wishing Tree' (Steve Rothery
guitarist of 'Marillion') The drummer is Paul Craddick from
the band 'Enchant'. ) [name of the album is 'carnival of souls'
not to be confused w/the KISS album]
During the song the snare sounds
"whispy" but definitly sharp- and you can guess that it is
a steel snare shell. Just after 2:minutes into the song,
there is a drum roll for 3 counts followed by a rimshot
(half head strike / half rim)- does this 3 times in a row.
Then does it again later in the song.

Anyway, I tried to get
that sound which I grew to adore on many snares and finally one
day there was a sale on a Tama Piccolo. I was never into piccolo
snares, but long story shortened- tried and loved. The store guy
said, "Okay I'll get you one from over on the shelf." I said, "no-
THIS one!" I still adore this snare.

oh- sounds slightly like the snare on 'dream theaters' "change
of seasons" epic. (espec. during the beginning).
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Allthough i think it might be the bass drum.... i REALLY like the snare sound on As i lay dyings song "forever"

like at the very begenning of the song the snare sounds pretty freaking sweet when its the only thing being played.
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ventures - walk don't run
stooges - lust for life (combined with bass drum)
Gary Husband on Alan Holdsworth's IOU album - letters of marque etc.
Russ Miller - I'm Like A Bird - Nelly Furtado

There are so many more but these different ones came to mind.
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I think anything with Jimmy Chamberlin from the Smashing Pumpkins, had an incredible snare, especially on the "Machina" album.
Also Jeremy Taggart of Our Lady Peace had a great sounding snare on all their records.
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Um, I really rather partial to Phil Rudd's drum sound on Back in Black. Fairly basic, solid drumming, but a big sound!

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I really like Chad Sextons snare sound from 311. I also like the snare sound from At The Drive In - Relationship of Command, great record.
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Charlie Watts... Satisfaction and Under My Thumb....

The secret to Alex Van Halens Sound is.....

(a secret)
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ok i as stated before ,bonham and alex van halen win the award for most consistant snare sound recorded and i do agree with the posts about stewart copelands snare on spirits in the material world ,but i got one better for ya,listen to "king of pain " to me my favorite snare sound is when its just stewart playing during that break without the band,just the hi-hat and snare alone ! the snare just stands out ,has that great "crack !" sound ,plus the reverb of the room ,studio etc is perfect ! also i'd like to say no one has mentioned ian paice !!! he certainly had a consitantly good snare sound ala " my woman from tokyo" and does anybody know what snare stewart was actually using for recording btw ????? i know in the ads for his sig snare he says that the snare he used was of "uknown " make and such ,but i think that was BS cuz of his endorsement deal .
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drumming adept
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My fav snare sound has always been Lars Ulrich's on Metallica's Black Album. Its actually a completely fake sound. The snap is from one snare with heavy compression, then they sampled a fatter snare in a larger room and used a sampler brain to kind of "reverse trigger" the 2nd snare sound to start so many milliseconds after the initial hit from the first snare. A british producer in Shingle Springs, who has a bunch of photos of him and Bob Rock was explaining it to me. He said its "unbelievably time-consuming."

Normal snare sounds are all about what room you're playing in and how much compression is used on your snare. Heres a little test:

Take your snare and play in your normal band room. Now play in in your bathroom, then a huge room like a gymnasium... its like 3 completely different instruments.
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For me my favorite has allways been Bonhams sound.Alex Van Halens sounds great too. Got to love that ole Ludwig sound! :D
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St. Anger

...or not.

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yes i definately agree about 311, and josh freese, ive always thought limp bizkits drummer has a good talent as well.

i do have a question though...

i think danny carey has a great drum sound, whether his snare strainers are on or off, toms, kick drums, cymbals, or whatever...

what is everyones thoughts on his sound on his records???