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Rob the Drummer wrote:I like 'em dirty! For some reason, the older and dirtier my cymbals get, I think they sound better.

I have to agree with you on this one. Cymbals are like fine wine the older the better. However if you are going for the look alone Nano polish works great.
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Wrights Copper Cream

This IS the best!!!

I've used alot of different "cymbal cleaners" and this stuff is the balls! :shock:
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I like my cymbals to be nice and dirty. I know the shiney stuff looks pretty, but it's not worth the hassle to me.

I have used Flitz in the past and it cleaned them really well, but the labels came off.

Be careful though, I've heard horror stories of a couple people seriously damaging their cymbals using some of those weird cleaners.
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Buckaroo cymbal cleaner is awesome, but smells awful. It always gets the job done.
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Start with Wenol. It is the least abrasive and the easiest to use. Finish up with a coat of Kleen Guard (.99 at Wal-mart) on everything, Drums, Cymbals and Hardware.