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I play in a death metal band so drums are kind of a key element to establish tempo and rythim.(yes death metal has rythim). My personal view on this that without a solid foundation the guitars(at least my guitarists) tend to get a little crazy. i am invlolved with the writting process right from the beginning, when they present a riff i am already figuring out what the drums will be doing to both enhance the riff and lead the riff into the next section of the song. so i feel the drummers job in any band is mostly to drive the song along as well as accent what everyone else is doing, as well as be a major part of the music.
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I mostly write the drum parts but if I have lyric or arrangement ideas I throw them out and occaisionally do some back up singing. I also handle our promotions, website and some of the booking. We're really collabarative...If any of us have ideas, about a song, we throw them out there and some get used, some dont.
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besides playing drums im basically the manager i find gigs talk to event managers i also set up the sound system and run it if there isnt a sound guy. heres a challange try running a sound board while playing drums drummer/singers dont have anything on me :-D
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Obviously drumming, making riffs and guitar parts too... not too many lyrics, but i got some in there, and i lay down the backround screams for our band
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My main focus is on the drums and rythmic construction of a song. Most my energy goes into composing appropriate drum riffs and accents throughout a song being composed. After the raw blueprints of a song have been laid out, usually through intense jamming, I plan out every stroke (yet leave a margin for improv intended for live performances).

I don't think drums are simply supposed to keep count. A drum track should sound good and be enjoyable standing alone. No one practices every day for years to become a click-track. ;)

I have written the occasional bass line or riff, I interfere with the structure of songs and annoy people manning mixing consoles, but usually my job is to take the riffs and parts the guys write and orchestrate the drums & percussion around that.

I find that drums, their maintenance and tuning is a full time job in a band; I show up first and leave last...
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Hmmm.... never really thought about it too much, but I like helping on arrangements (I don't really write anything) and do all the photoshop stuff for gigs and flyers i.e.:

I am also supposed to be putting the bands official website together, but my job has been sucking all of my creative/free time.
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I write lyrics sometimes. Not all of them are shown to the band, or anyone else, but I make sure the ones that are is a reflection of my best works.

I played guitar for 2 years or so before picking up the sticks, so I can write riffs and stuff, but I find it awkward to tell my guitarist how to play something or if its wrong, as hes a much better guitarist than me. Plus the whole guitarist ego thing ;)

So I'm pretty involved with everything. I also co-manage and take care of all the interwebs stuff.
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Last band I was in, I sang and a buddy of mine played my set. I'm between bands right now, but in my last band I usually helped write bass, drums, lyrics and some guitar parts for some songs.
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i've always written some of the lyrics for the band i'm in, but not until i actually put down my math and rhythm books, buckled down, and studied overall music theory did i ever actually come up with the original riff or chord of a song.
nowadays i'm always sitting behind a piano or with a guitar, thinking of new stuff for the band. of course it's all in odd time signatures...but that's just how i roll.
i'm getting so used to it that now i can just be in the middle of practice and all of a sudden think of something and dictate exactly what i thought of to the guys and we'll build off of it in our next jam.
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When my band starts up, I will be the main lyricist, drummer, and either main or backing vocals.
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i do write the drum parts but i can also play guitar....and piano.....and i write some lyrics...and run the band website and things like that. I do just about everything! thats how i like it, and my band is really successful.

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Im involved with a few projects...
My current more commited band I play drums, write all the drum parts, and don't really have a say in anything besides drumming...

One other project I have been "secretly" working on is a solo project, kind of a mixture of death metal, rock and black metal and progressive metal.... I do guitars, vocals (growling and actual singing ala opeth) and drums, but I don't add bass (even though I play bass too, Im just lazy...)

the other project im doing is a grindcore/death metal project in the likes of mortician and pig destroyer with my friend since he seems to like those bands... I do vocals, a bit of guitar riffing, and drumming (whilst growling heh...)