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Someone that can blast without triggers that is as amazing as Nick Barker is Derek Roddy. None of his kit is triggered and he doesn't even trigger it for recording with his band. I don't believe full songs should involve blast beats and I can't stand blast beats with nothing added to it. Nick Barker is a great example, he adds a lot of jazzy accents into it and influenced me to do the same.
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I have played in a death-metalband for 4 years, GOREZONE. and about blastbeats, hm I like to play them because there is so much Power( If you play a fast DB-beat than some cymbals and forward :D . The basic from the blastbeats where used 40 years ago by the whole jazzers. So a nice FUCK YOU to all "METALLHEADS" who thought that metal has create the blasts.(also the handed roll is the right name)
To trigger the whole set is IMO not nessesary. I trigger the BD because at the higher speed DB I didnt have the same punch as on the slow parts (I think a lot of people have the problem)
About Hannes from NECROPHAGIST he is a Jazz drummer(he has practice it for a long time and he is a really good drummer. Hes one of two germans who is member of the Ok I´m the second one :wink:
So keep cool and play what you want, be openminded we can learn from each other, even a good drummer can learn from a not so good drummer
cheers Markus
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Like I said, Hannes from Necrophagist is the real deal, you should see this guy play jazz!! I watched him have a drum off with every other drummer at Show Of The Summer in Virginia this year, not one could play like him.
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Ok first off I have to disspell what the guy above said about Derek Roddey not using triggers. He triggers his bass drum, for this I am sure. I am a huge fan of Roddey and i've watched every video of his that I can find.

Derek uses a trigger that attaches right onto his Axis pedals so that there is no mis-triggering from the batter head if you hit a low tom.

But as for blast beats, I love playing them, I could play them for hours on end if I could. But when it comes to applying them to my band's music, then I use them sparingly. I love the power behind the blast, and how whenever someone hears a blast in the middle of a song, their head turns straight to the drummer.

And blast beats are not just confined to the death metal genera like most people would like to believe. Adrian Erlandsson (spelling?) of the band "Cradle of Filth", which is a black metal band, will throw in a blast beat if the song calls for it.

And thinking back..someone had already mentioned blasting not being just a death metal thing. My bad!!
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TrunJun wrote:Necrophagist programs their drums on CD...

Muhammed Suicmez - Guitar, vocals
Stefan Fimmers - Bass
Hannes Grossmann - Drums
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blasting can be a tricky technique to get the hang of. flo mournier of cryptopsy has a good dvd covering blasts, grinds and hyperblasts.
anybody interested in blast beats should check out Lord Marco from braindrill.
his technique is flawless and his use of one handed snare drum roll in a gravity blast has to be seen to be believed!
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flo of cryptopsy is one of the best, his technical and spontaneous blasting sounds ten times better than forced and deliberate blasting.

blast beats can be used in lots of different types of music not only metal.
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Rob the Drummer wrote:Maybe I'm getting old, but exactly how many types of metal are there now? Kinda crazy it seems. :D

i agree.

i play in a thrash band and i like to throw them in every once in awhile, especially when i cant think of an off-time beat that will sound heavy enough.
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