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Hey guys !

Just created my account here, im mostly here to increase my drum skills
and meet some new people who have the same passion than me !

I play drum since 1 years now ( I'm kinda bad, but i practice everyday
to become better and better each day ) !

I mostly play, rock n roll, ska, metal . In fact, the only good music : P !
(Personal opinion) I like the group Led Zeplin, metallica, black sabbath etc
etc .

Im using a old drum that a friend gave me, i have no clue what type is it
or whatever : / ! But, if i get better, i will buy a new one !

Except playing drum, i really enjoy any kind of sport and i play poker sometimes
too for the pleasure !

I think that all about me for now !

oh.. if anyone wanna play poker with me and chat about guitar, just pm or
add me on in your friend list !

Thanks all !

Cya later after the work ! : P
Jimmy Carson
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Jimmy carson here! Just joined this board , anyone new here??
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Hello, I am Daisy Simpson, a university professor,and I like to believe that I'm a very good professional freelance writer, and newbie here.