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Bigd11 wrote:My dad was pro drummer back int he 70's and he still plays every week now, so its always been in and around my family, my dad never tried to get me into drumming he always wanted me 2 but he wanted me to want to play, and sure enough i did, that was 9 years ago and ive never looked back, drummer for life

that is pretty much my story too, except i just started playing a little over 2 years ago
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drumming adept
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I didn't know any guitar chords, (Or even what they were)
but I could count to four like a champ
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Hey I'm new to the site, saw this and thought I'd share my story...

My mother is a painter and my father a guitarist, both rock & roll fans so its not surprise that I'm into art and music. When I was little, whether I listen to the radio or watch music videos on TV (Not MTV obviously :P) what I liked the most was the "big, loud instrument". I started taking drum lessons around the age of 7 and I was starting to get really good, however my father started turning it more into work than fun and I eventually stopped for a while...

When I was 16 I was in a truck/car accident which totaled both vehicles but everyone was ok, and at the time this simply taught me not to be so cocky when driving... but then a few months later my sister's friend died in a very similar wreck in the exact same spot (it was a very dangerous spot, in fact this finally caused the city to put a stop light in that location...). This made me realize that I could not only have been hurt on that one day, but I could have easily died, and I hadnt been doing anything with my life...

So, around my 17th birthday, I set up my sister's drum kit (we had sold mine), I go to the same music store I took my lessons as a kid, pick up some sticks and a metronome, and started up my lessons again. An interesting event happen that day as well. As I was looking at some of the drum kits a guy that seemed to be my age and his, I presume, girlfriend walk in looking around as well. The guy gets on a kit and, well, rocks out on it. I was amazed, my first reaction being "Ok, its offical, I suck". He told me that it wasnt really nothing, just he'd been playing for 10 years...

I've been playing again now for about a year and a half, and I'm better now then I was when I was 7, but I'm still not perfect. But hey, we all start somewhere, right?
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drumming adept
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Well my dad was a drummer back in the day, so i kinda picked it up for him. But really it's always been on my mind nevr really had the money to get a set until i was like 14 then i saved up enough to atually buy one, but sold it right after...(family problems) but9 years later i'm getting back into. I got a roland electronic kit about a year and a half ago, but i recently bought a mapex birch 7 piece set with a rack and now i'm just trying to really learn. Like inside my body burns for the drums, kinda weird un?
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I hate to sound cocky but I knew I had it in me to be a drummer. Ability and acurate timing is vital but, there's other traits a drummer must posess above and beyond that. Drums is much much more than a musical instrument and a drummer is alot more than a random human being that plays them because, drums are a material object that money can buy. It takes a certain type of personailty, you need to be riddled with idio syncracies and stonch ideologies on life. Drumming is a religion and a state of mind. Owning a drum-kit doesn't necessarily make you a drummer. Nor does playing drums for a living, druming is an honoury, you have to break boundries beyond the norms and make it look and sound like murder. Then and only then are you a drummer- you begin a slave of stick and skin and graduate to an endless life suffering apprenticeship.

Apart from all that, I need something to bang and unlike women you can have more than one drum a day and not feel guilty, plus, drums don't get jealous in front of other drums
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a mix between my competitive nature and taking to it naturally.

My friend started playing and of course i wanted to be better..He naturally bragged saying "you wont be able to do it"
just a simple 4/4 beat and he played it, when he put the sticks in my hand i tried and within tries i was playing.
After this i begged my dad to get me a kit and within weeks i had lessons and a kit (at the cost of an early christmas and birthday present combined). After a month my friend stopped playing and I carried on realising how brilliant it was to play.

Then upgraded my kit and bam here I am 5 years on drumming away.
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I was about 10yrs old. I had already taken piano for two years and my Mom (a middle-school teacher) would bring home filmstrips and books of stuff the 'older' kids were doing. One time she brought home a filstrip & cassette (this was before VCR's...) with animated introductions to all the various band instruments. I was suddenly awestruck when the dancing snare drum came on playing a wild 'Connecticut March' beat. I listened to it a few more times and then told my mom I wanted to play drums. Came up through the school and drum corps after that......
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I've been playing piano for about 12 years now, the first 9 taking lessons. A few years ago started learning some guitar chords on my own, but just practiced here and there. While I'm better at it now, I know I won't be able to play as well as I play the piano. I think I've always wanted a drumset of my own - thought they looked cool, and sounded awesome. The beat is the driving force of the music, afterall. Anyway, now at 22, I have my own job, and a few months ago was able to buy my own kit. And being a big fan of Elton, I finally "discovered" the talent and skills of Nigel Olsson, and after that became inspired and motivated to teach myself to play, become the best player I can, and basically have as much fun with it as possible.
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Couldn't think of any one reason. I picked it up and it just felt right from the moment I first sat down and even though I sucked when I first picked up the sticks it just felt right. Hard to explain that feeling but it just seemed so natural. I also liked that in the early days when I was playing around you had the band by the balls by being a drummer. Being a half way decent drummer with all your own equipment, you started out at a higher plateau of demand than someone who just picks up guitar or bass. (Conversely it was easier for me to pick my bands than when I took a vacation of trying to play bass seriously. I still love bass but I love drums way more. )
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ahhh this is such a nice thread. I have never really thought baout this before but now that I do its great!

ouch this is long winded

3rd Grade: Third Graders were allowed to pick an instrument and learn it for a year, then as fourth graders we could join the band.. I guess you could say that I thought all the other instruments were lame, so I picked up the old Remo pad and 3 dollar sticks and went on to lessons from the band teacher every thursday after school!

I played for all of fourth grade, then for some reason I stopped and didn't play in 5th.. I beleive it was either a lack of interest or I was doing so many sports it was unbearable, or maybe both. Either way, I stopped.

6th grade: I found my old sticks and pad and started diddling around before school started, and realized that I had been missing out. I rejoined the band, although now after that year of abcense, I was EXTREMELy behind my other 6th grade peers, but I more or less made up for it in my effort to get better. I still remember to this day playing an awesome floor tom part that nobody else could play!!

7th grade: On to middle school! The middle school for my school district had one of the best bands in the entire tri state area (or somethign along thsoe lines) I remember the 2nd week of "drum tryouts" bringing in my old practice book and doing some "imp[ressive" triplet exercises for my band teacher and I "made the cut!" Wasn't till later I found out that those were just personal assesments so she could see what we could do.. oh well.

Middle of 7th grade: I was doing extremely well and was KING (ok maybe not king but one of the two best!) of the percussion II table, which comprised of me and and my fellow seventh grade peers. The 8th graders got all the Percussion I snare, bass, timpani, etc by sheer intimidation of the 7th graders. However later on in the year I did get some snare time in, which was good, and the teacher liked me because I was studious.

end of 7th grade: Near the end of the year I saw the Jazz Band for our middle school play, and we had an amazing drummer. I guess thats when it really happened, because I later started looking around for drum lessons, but just casually.

Summer going into 8th grade: Begged the folks for drum lessons because I figured I wanted to play for the school jazz band the next year. I did get them, although going the better part of the summer without a kit and using the good 'ol air drumming. I did manage to get a set though, as an "Early christmas and birthday" gift plus i had to mow the lawn without allowance pay for like the next 2 years or something... Anyway it was a Pearl Export that was all screwed up, terribly tuned toms, only one hi hat cymbal, a splash, a crash with a rathe rlarge crack in it, and a Sabian Ride cymbal with most of the markings worn away. Dust was on e v e r y t h i n g .... As a consequence of the person who I bought it from, ;eaving it in his basement for like 3 years and not having touched it.

8th Grade: Continue with drum lessons from my teacher Tony Bartone (who happened to have learned personally from Justin DiChoCho although I never knew) focusing mainly on Jazz although getting a good deal of rock technique in. SHow up for Jazz tryouts in the begining of the year, and absolutley blow the teacher away. Later in the year, I got to go to the Manhatten School of Music to learn for a day from Justin DiChoCho, and see his PhilHarmonic Orchestra play. Supposedly oour Jazz Band had such a reputation that we got those types of special privelages! I was still only ythe 2nd drummer though, nto quite as good as the first seat guy.. But I did play alot of songs. I kept up lessons all year and got REALLY good by my standards. Also, this was the year I discovered Socom 2 online... ouch...

9th grade: Drum lessons were starting to bore me, as I felt I wasn't learning anything new and it was just wasted money at that point in time. I took a long break from drums and got distracted with, of all things, video games.. I think back and hate myself for it, because I was actually very good, then screwed myself over playing the computer and playstation.. uhg. In the middle of that year I thought to myself.. "Hey look its my set! Looks a little dusty but I'll hop on there, bust out an awesome beat or two, then get back to my life!" When I did get off of the set I was disgusted at how badly my skills deteriorated, and I was pretty much back at square one, performance wise. I remembered what I had been taught, busted out the workbooks, and started my re-hab for drums.

10th grade - present: Begining of tenth grade I was just about back into my normal groove, although I focused purely on rock with a little swing here and there.. This was a result of me discovering my first three musical loves. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers was the first, I soon got all their albums. Next up was the The Who, I soon had all of their albums too (minus most of the compilations) and Led Zeppelin was the third and final love (soon had all their albums as well). I had always despised modern super punk/emo/garage/deathmetal/hardcore/screamo/ect (I have begun to appreciate more music now though). PRETTY MUCH anything that got played on my favorite Classic Rock radio station I liked, and everythign else I thought sucked. Midway through the year and I'm still rocking out every day after school and on 3/5 nights every week.. PLus now I get together with my friends who have all started becoming amazing at bass and guitar out of fucking nowhere and its really blowing my mind!

I do regret losing 90% of my jazz skills, but not to the point where I am trying to get them back as I see no use of them in my future, tbh. I still remember my 9th grade expirience with video games, and ever since, I do not play Counter Strike without my practice pad set up righ tnext to me (I get fragged - Start busting out some paramacdaddydiddles or something, just to stay in practice lol!) I try to do some moeller or one handed rolls on the nights when my folks are home.. My current aspiration as a musician and not only a drummer is to self teach myself some string instruments. I think I may spend like 20 bucks on some cheapo acoustic guitar to learn on, and I think I'm going to try to steal my friend's bass that he hasn't played since the first day he got it two years ago!

Thus, ends my story! lol
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I had 2 older sisters who played drums in marching band. So when I got old enough to be in beginner band, I wanted to play the trumpet, (because all my friends did). My parents couldn't afford a trumpet at the time and forced me to play my sisters old Ludwig snare. Hated it the first year, then all my friends quit band. I stuck it out and enjoyed it more and more. I decided to stick with it and here I am. Got married and started the kid thing. I took a 10 year break. Well, glad to say I've been back at it for about 6 months and love it as much now as I did then. I must say though, there is so much cool stuff that's come out in the last 10 years. I wish i'd been playing the whole time.
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I was 4 years old and my father was pastor of this tiny little church in a tiny little mountainside college town at the tail end of the hippy movement. We had a college student named Wyman, a hippy a HUGE Beatles fan, move in with us. When we moved to a new church, he came with us and my dad and Wyman came home one day with a set of drums. They also had one extra drum, a snare drum, just for me.

I spent the first year applying crayons to the head, but I soon discovered it was pretty cool to bang on it, too. Then when I turned six I saw Andrae Crouch live with Bill Maxwell, playing the classic gospel tune Soon and Very Soon. I've been trying to recapture that magical moment ever since ... 30 years later and I still find that groove impossible to capture.
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i have been playing drums for only 2 years now and am still pretty mediocre at it. ever since i was about 10, i've been banging on the table while my sister yells at me for annoying her. i have recently been attempting to learn how to play guitar, but feel that drums better suit me.
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jacubus4 wrote:i have been playing drums for only 2 years now and am still pretty mediocre at it. ever since i was about 10, i've been banging on the table while my sister yells at me for annoying her. i have recently been attempting to learn how to play guitar, but feel that drums better suit me.

It's perfectly fine to learn both, but I think you'll find one will take up more your time than another because the committment required to excel at either.

You're very young and I suggest it's best to follow your heart in the matter. If the drums are calling you, you don't want to regret not pursuing it at an age when you likely learn more quickly, have more time to practice, and have more access to educational outlets (school music programs, civic youth music programs, parents funded lessons, etc.).
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it was pritty mutch started like..

Hey man let's start a band
well we already have a guitarist and bassist so you can play drums
ok, that sounds cool

that's about it.....