Crash cymbals!

Where to buy, how to cleaning etc...

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Post Thu Sep 07, 2006 2:41 pm

Qbs wrote:I would recommend Paiste Signature Full Crash - it's the best crash I've ever played/heard :)

Yeah, Signatures' all the way

However, i also am in love with the Sabian HHX Legacy's... if you havent played them yet, you need to. Great sound.
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Paiste Signatures..mmm
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Post Sat Nov 18, 2006 7:25 am

For playing rock, my zildjian Z customs haven't let me down. They look great and hold up to the abuse. I use the 17, 19 and 20 inch medium crashes. BIG SOUND!!!
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Zildjian A Custom Projection Crashes are the loudest thickest of the series. They are warm and responcive. You cant go wrong!
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Post Sat Nov 18, 2006 10:21 am

Bigd11 wrote:my cymbals ive been playing for like 8 years have finally caved in and 2 of my crashes have cracked (awww)

Im a devote Sabian user and i play hard rock/metal

any suggestions from fellow sabian users or people that just know there shit are very welcome

I've always liked the Sabian Hand Hammered cymbals; particulary in odd sizes such as 15, 17 and 19".

Being a Sabian guy, I take it you are also partial to Zildjian? If so, the new Hybred cymbals I've been checking out in the drum shop have been very nice indeed. You might like to look into those as well.

For some idea perhaps a little off the wall. Have you thought of buying ride cymbals to use as crashes? I just bought a Meinl 20" heavy ride to be used as a crash and a ride cymbal. Its crashability is superb. Huge, explosive and I doubt it'd break in a hurry. It has a kind of cross Sabian/Zildjian type tone to it. And it sells far more cheaply than the other 2 brands.
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