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This is my old Fibes set I used to have set up. I recently bought a TAMA SuperStar and I had no room for both sets so obviously I took down the Fibes. But this is an old but still great set. It was my dad's set that he bought back in the 70's. He bought it back when he was into the jazz/fusion stage. What inspired him to buy it was he was listening to Billy Cobham from Mahavishnu Orchestra playing this set on one of their albums. Its made by Martin guitar, they actually made these fiber(sp?)glass sets better than Ludwig. Ludwig's fiberglass sets were horrible compaired to the Fibes. These Fibes are the last of the crystalite fiberglass series back then. Hmm, I don't know...just thought I'd share it with you guys. Those cymbols are old Zildjian brilliants. In my opinion still better than most cymbols they sell today...
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great :) but I've never heard about this brand before
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Neat! I bet they sound amazing. Looks like it's in a really good condition
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Very cool kit!
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wow! I live about five minutes away from the FIBES factory in Austin
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very cool! Are they louder than other materials, have you noticed?