Best drummer you've seen live

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Stewart Copeland Synchronicity tour Melbourne Australia 1983 with 50,000 + people ...Last Police concert before they split. He was on fire. And as I'd just got my first kit, I was totally blown away and am still playing today thanks to that gig.
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I've seen Neil, I've seen Portnoy, and I've seen Bozzio, but the guy who really blew me away was Sonny Emory from Earth, Wind, and Fire. Absolutely amazing.
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rikki rokket
if its to loud your to old
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No one blew me away live more than the almighty NEIL PEART. Both times i saw RUSH in 1994 @ MSG, NYC and 2005 @ Radio City in NYC. I can watch him play live for days.

ERIC CARR of KISS was a thrill to see live and I happened to see his final show on 11/9/90 @ MSG before he died in Nov 91. Being that this was the 1st concert I ever saw and Eric Carr being my absolute favorite drummer at that time I'd easily place him on this list as well.

Other notable performances that made me pay attention:

Mike Bordin - While with FAITH NO MORE and OZZY/BLACK SABBATH
Kenny Schalk - CANDIRIA (So many shows I either played with Candiria or went to see myself when I wasn't on a show with them - This guy always amazed me every time I watched a Candiria set)
Dave Grohl - Sitting in briefly on the Kit during a FOO FIGHTERS set in 2005
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Dan Foord from SikTh. Amazing, just amazing
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I have to say Matt Cameron of pearl Jam. He is a very solid drummer. he is always in that pocket. Never messes up, and always plays the song how it is written, just like you hear it on the radio. He is a rockin' Drummer. I wish I could have seen more great drummers live, but I have not been to many concerts. Maybe 10 at most.
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So many:

I'd probably have to say Billy Cobham. His clinic was amazing!

Honorable mentions go to:
Larry Mullen Jr. (My Favorite)
Antonio Sanchez
Rick Latham
"Stand on the Shoulders of Giants" Tony Williams
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i would have to say its shannon larkin
not just because hes my favorite drummer.

hes always movin around, throwin sticks up, doin everything possible.
hes just so awsome to watch live!
shannon larkin - god of drums.
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They came to a park a few miles away from me and did an acoustic set, performing the same songs from One Cold Night, too bad for me that I was at summer camp when they came . :(
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double bass ludwig classic maples. blastbeats over swiss triplets.
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out of the 100's and 100's shows ive seen and played on, by far the best and most solid drummer i've ever seen live is Steve Gadd
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one of the previous posters mentioned Shannon Larkin. i saw him WAY back in the day with Wrathchild America and he blew me away!

i love to watch JP Gaster (Clutch) live.

but i would have to go with Billy Cobham. saw him in a small club, up close in a 3 piece fusion band. amazing!
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Neil Pert
Stuart Copeland
Eric Carr - Saw him with kiss around '81 and decided i wanted to do that
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Neil Peart
Stewart Copeland
Steve Smith
Carter Beauford
Kenny Aronoff
Tommy Aldridge
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best I've seen live (I interpret this to mean I was actually there and not on a dvd or the internet.)

would be: Terry Bozzio, Chad Wakerman, and Marco Minnemann on their three man tour, it was most inspiring.
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