20" vs 22" bass drum

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Both :)
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i play a 20" and a 22" and i like the 22" just a bit more
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cgaffka wrote:haha pretty funny bout the flat drums!!

They're not that bad! ;)
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My next kick will definitely be a 20" x 20" - I played on on a DDrum maple that size and it was a freakin' cannon!
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alot of factors really but i play 2 20 inch Rogers bass drums and i will compared both loudness and tone with anyone ..the key is the shells,the heads used,the beater,and most important the bearing edge and it's angle i prefere the 90 degree angle to the 45..it is easier to tune and centers the head on the drum..
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Old school- 14x20. Trust me, with the right heads and muffling
(or lack thereof) it's still pretty easy to get a big sound- I have friends whose 22" pales in comparison.
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Really. No, seriously! I have both on my set! If I could, I'd have a set with a 24, 22, & 20. I've done it, too.

The 22 is bettter for normal beats, and th 20 for slower, ballad type songs.

It's all about a spectrum of sounds.

Actually, I don't realy muffle any drum. But the EMAD2 head on the 22 has an internal muffling system. I don't like muffles. My friend has a whole freakin bed set in his bass.
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Right now, I rock a 22" but Premier makes a 26" BD and I would love to have that... It all depends on what kind of music you play though.