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For years I played in wrestling shoes. Then one day in Myrtle Beach SC my wife was looking for a new pair for me and came across a guy who was also a drummer buying new shoes. He recommended the Nike Free which was created for runners who like to run bare footed. I had recentley started to play bare footed and decided to give these a try. WOW!! These shoes are great! They are only 7 oz's and basically feel like you are bare footed. I highly recommend these shoes for drummers looking for a light, comfortable shoe. A little expensive ( $80 or so ) but worth it.
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Learned how to play with my Steel toe work boots during lessons for 6 years then one day during my practice at home I did it bare foot. The second I felt the peddle with the foot and the fact that my monkey feet can grip the peddle and pull it back up soemtimes was more than comfortable. I was meant to do it!

ALthough during a concert in a club here in Upstate NY the owner wouldn't put the heat on all the way and so when I was playing one evening with my then hardcore band, my sweat soaked foot got TONGUE STUCK to the peddles during my solo. MAN that was frustrating!!! Hahaha but a fun memory. Oh and I put the temp. demands in the contracts for all venues. Above freezing hahah!
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pphunk wrote:Usually socks, but when it's really hot in the practice space i'll go barefoot. The only problem with barefoot is that the 5000 on the DW 5000 Bass drum pedals i use tend to tear up my feet so i have to put duct tape over it. :D

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I used to play in a pair of Nike Air Max which were quite comfortable. But now i'm wareing a pair of DC's which ain't quite as nice as i'm having to adjust some of my foot tecnique as the DC's are bigger and heavier. I'll keep on wareing them though as I think it's good to be able to play in whatever you happen to be wareing at the time. It can only make you a better drummer!
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if you must wear shoes get a weselling type shoe, because you dont wear huge rubber glove on our hands when we play right, they are thin so same goes with our feet thiner the better, for speed, feel,and a little bit of protechtion from the chain
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Nothing except socks lol,

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I love chucks but lately it's driving shoes: adidas adi racer low or tuscany, or puma. The adi racer is great! also, vans or other skate shoes work well for me. I play in bars all the time so I cant go barefoot or wear sandals...
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Shoes are for fools.

Or those cool water shoe thingys.

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Matte Black Chuck Taylor Converse. Awesome shoe, feels great to play, and it doubles as a comfy dress shoe.
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I wear Macbeths when playing. Really reallly comfortable shoes. Abit like converse
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adidas superstar nebula the infamous shell toes. they have flat soles and are lightweight, i do like to play barefoot as much as possible though! much better control that way! well i think!
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I wear one of three pairs.. which ever matches the clothes I wear for what ever show I do...



http://www.converse.com/index.asp?bhcp= ... ollection1

OR these

http://www.wrestlingmart.com/wmart/desc ... p?id=JY500
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Carter wrote:Hey boys and girls! Do you use any special kind of footwear to play drums? Or maybe you play in socks? Bare feet? Let's discuss:)

Whatever I'm wearing at the time.
I don't know what I'm talking about!

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i find converse to be a very good thing to wear on your feet, they have good grip and dont restrict your foot movement.