Alesis dm5 pro kit possible to link boss db90 metronome?

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I have a alesis dm5 pro electronic kit and a Boss DB90 metronome. Is it possible to link them both and hear both through headphones. New to electronic kit so if possible idiots guide required!
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I know that I have a cheap Koncepts kit, and I don't trust the metronome on it, so a friend of mine gave me a cable so that I can utilize the aux. in jack in the back of the brain. I'm assuming that you can do the same. After looking at the back of the DM5 brain, you can't do that. Dunno why I've got a truly cheap kit and you have something decent and you can't do that. I feel that all e-kits should have an aux. input. Just my $.02. Maybe a pair of small earbuds under a set of good size over-ears? Sorry I can't be of further help. Good luck.