Mixing cymbals - different alloys/brands

Where to buy, how to cleaning etc...

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Do you mix cymbals from different alloys

No, I have a well-behaved choir
Yes, I love my barnyard
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drumming adept
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The only time I mix brands is for effects...other than that I am a Sabian man.

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Good topic by the way,
I think its extremely important to the drumer to mix and match sounds, if he didnt it would be to me matched to someone elses ear, l ike the cymbal maker, My mix sounds just the way i want it to sound by my ear, not to say that my old ass ear is been punished quite a bit over the years.

I think the sabain brand has the best choice for different, very different as to my ears of course, and has the egde by alittle bit over others.
Not to say that other brands dont sound great, I just choose to use a brand and stick with them. 8)


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