Largest crowd you have ever played for??

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ScreamKevin- Mista John,

You guys rock, rock. I've only topped at about 3,500 three or four times, when I was touring with a musical, and something else, I think opeing for Southern Culture on the Skids. I do have far more memories of playing for less than ten.
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If you took a combined crowd of all my shows put together, I would have played in front of hundreds of thousands... :D
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Post Fri Sep 01, 2006 9:19 am

The strange thing about crowds is that, although you can get off with an ocean of people in front of you, the bigger the crowd, the lower the level of intimacy with that crowd.

That is unless the crowd unites as one. And therefore, the music I really like to play unites the crowd as a unified force.

It's not hard to do if you have a good band with good songs, but the danger lies in what a "force" a band uses to unify a crowd.

Many bands use hate, many use that hippy love thing, many use intellectual stimulation. There is no right or wrong way, but I tend to want smart people who know how to party and who are not asshole.

Why? Cuz once you are off the stage, you have to hang with that crowd. My old Punk band would tour, and after about 10 years, we became a bunch of even more pissed-off fargin pirates. When The show was over, there was nothing but a sea of teenage boys (!).

Now, there's nothing wrong with being gay, but I tend to like the smell, feel and taste of girls. Call me crazy.

So with my current band, we based our whole theme on making girls dance (uh, to rock)...

Begin with the end in mind.

Also (and I know I am going on forever here), bands have to think about the size rooms/venues they want to play, then play music that fits that particular goal. There's a reason why jazz is best in a tiny club, and not in a stadium. As a drummer, if you aim at the big venues, your beats have to translate beyond the 75th row.

To play big venues, play bigger than the stage...but makle sure your heart lies in the center of the music you make (this goes back to paragraph one of this post).

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Post Sat Sep 02, 2006 2:56 pm

My biggest crowd was about 6,000 kids & parents when I was a teenager.

I won the 4-H (I know, goofy) talent contest in my town, (latin song/ drum solo with my mom accompanying on the keys) then went to regionals and won. The reward for winning regionals was to perform at Edward Elliot Music Hall at Purdue University in front of all those people.

There were a lot of acts, and I got to open the show. They set me up in the orchestra pit before hand, and when I was announced they raised the pit up to stage level, bringing me into view as I had started playing.

By far one of the best experiences I've ever had.
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drumming adept
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Some of the best shows ever where in front of a handfull of people.

Years back, my old punk band had a sunday night gig at al's bar in LA. We'd been partying really hard all weekend and forgot about the show.

Then our bass player reminded us of the gig. A toughie at 11PM sunday night.

HArdly anyone was in the place. We all wanted to just go home.

Then a band got upt to play - San Fran's THE BARFEEDERS!

They started up, and began ripping! Now we knew them (old friends), but dammit, they put the fire in everyone in the joint. We all woke up and played our asses off.

Lesson learned, it doens't matter how many people are there, you must play to make them rock.

It happened again when I saw LA local band Very Be Careful.

Went to a club (Spaceland) on a slow night. These guys got up and got everyone still in the club, dancing and drinking.

I love the power of music!

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i've played, with my band, in front of close to 2,000 people a few times but the average crowd is usually in the 200-300 range. the best crowd, however, was about 300-400 and they were just going absolutely nuts the entire time, never stopped screaming or moving... it just makes you feel so good when the crowd feels your music like that
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I haven't been able to play infront of a lot of people, probably 150-200 but I really focus on the energy. When the crowd is into it, it gets me more into it because when people just sit there and don't do anything, it makes the show kinda useless except for the experience.
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The largest I've played for is about 500+. My first gig was to just under 500 and scared the living crap outta me at the time. :lol:
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I remember when I was 17, my cover band playing a couple of songs in front of my high school as part of an assembly. It was about 2000 of my peers & I don't think I've ever been more nervous before or since! We covered "What I Like About You" by The Romantics & "The Ocean" by Zeppelin.

The biggest crowd though would also be my senior year in high school when my marching band (I was on snare) played in the Presidential Inaugural Parade in DC. It was about a mile & a half of huge crowds with security absolutely everywhere. It was a pretty intense & surreal atmosphere, I couldn't even estimate how many people. Plus it was about 30 degrees & we were absolutely freezing before we got going! Definitely one of the most memorable things I've been able to do as a musician.
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Post Sat Sep 30, 2006 10:40 pm

250,000-300,000 On a Float in a July 4Th. Parade over a five mile route
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Post Sun Oct 01, 2006 7:29 am

2,200 people for me when my band opened up for Life of Agony in Northern NJ almost EXACTLY one year ago.
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I played at a high school choir concert in front of like 200 people. My band did a Beatle's cover song. The biggest crowd we got at an actual show was around 60....gotta love the local music scene.
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SOmewhere upwards of 75,000. Memphis in May on the riverwalk with Ike Turner. Sandwiched between Moe and Puddle of Mudd. Strange lineup but my god that was a large crowd. As far as your eye could see.

I should clarify that was in 2002.
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hey all

around 15,000

Did a show for our local radio station after doing very well in a national battle of the bands about 6 years ago. scary shit. :0)

heres a pic of just before we played. Thats me with the nasty shirt and green hair. lmao



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20,000. Rally In the Alley. Downtown Buffalo, New York.

Opened for Spirit. Met the guy who played Paul McCartney in Beatlemania.