Things you hate at gigs

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My only real peeve is not having enough room to setup. I don't mind sharing a kit. I usually find that playing someone else's kit forces me to approach the music differently, and if you're the supporting act you kinda have to deal with it. Keep in mind while some sound people can be difficult make them you're best friend!!! They can make or break your sound and your monitor mix. Remember that every gig is a learning experience no matter or actually when it a shite gig. just my 2 cents
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I havn't played many showes, but I hate when guitarists think you have to play quiet. thats why shows are loud, the oonly way to play fast, heavy mteal music, is loud. that why shows are so f@#king loud, thats why some manufacturers are making an 11 knob on the amps. and, when people who have never even touched a drum set in their life, try to give you advice. thats what I hate the most
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people touching your kit without permssion
advice from people that dont know crap
the next bands stage crew
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Hmmm things I hate at gigs....

1. When playing at a Bar for the first time and the owner continually asks 2 hours before we are scheduled to play when the crowd will arrive.

2. When the bar does not have drink specials for the band

3. When u play a club in the City and u get two tickets, one for illegal parking and one for turining down a street that's for only buses(that gig cost me $250 in tickets lol)

4. When I'm the only member of the band breaking down after the set because the other members disappear into the crowd literally 2 minutes after the last set(end up breaking down and loading my drums alone)

5. And when the other band members ask for my help loading there equiptment after the gig when they didn't help me with one thing
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Oh yeah, did I mention how I HATE the clubs/promoters/booking weasels who feel the need to insert their best friend's band on every damn show regardless of whether or not the band will fit the bill for an evening?
Especially when we're asked by the touring band to be their opening act and then somehow magically this crap band ends up on the bill and WE have to open for them!

Honestly I'd hate to be IN that band because every time this happens they end up getting blown off the stage and then boo'd off the stage and targeted for numerous beer-projectiles by the fans......
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In No particular order

1) Other drummer think their set is the greatest thing on earth

2) We Have to Open for sucky ass bands because they didnt show up on time

3) Other Musicians who always talk about how good they are and on shows they suck cojones

4) When there are no monitors so i cant hear anything

5) Not being given enough time

6) The suckier bands who know the guys running the show get longer sets than us

7) The only people there are the bands and their girlfriends

8) No one is paying attention to the show

9) Strobe lights that arent in synch w/ the song

10) People show up late( band members, other bands, crowd, etc.)
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Had a (use to be friend) go to a gig early tore my drum heads off stuff them full of pillows because he did not like they way they sounded.It was even better when I took my drums and left, and he did not have a drummer for the show. This was a guitar player who knew only "3" chords, and could not tune his guitar, the bass player had to tune it for him.
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Honestly, a lot of these problems sound genre-specific. I:

- Usually have a good repoire with soundmen. I think it's because I try hard to let them do their jobs, and try to work with them while making kindly suggestions. I'm mostly concerned about overall sound and what I'm getting in the monitor. I'm not going to quibble over muddy toms, because most gigs don't have stellar sound systems to begin with.

- Don't get bothered with people *touching* my kit. If they sat down and played it without permission, that would be different. Touching is a no-harm foul. It usually gives me cause to strike up a conversation with a stranger. "So, hey, you play drums, too?"

- Recognize overbooked gigs are a reality in some clubs, but I'm always thankful for a paying gig. To me, the fun challenge is kicking the audience's butt with whatever time you have, forcing management to find a reason to keep you on stage as long as possible.

- Don't let other drummers with big egos and no skill get to me. I know what I can do. I don't need input from a stranger to boost my ego, I'm certainly not going to let them tear me down. They're going to say what they're going to say, and it's no sweat off my back.

- Try to always prepare for the things I can't imagine (for example, keeping a change of clothes on my pre-gig check list).
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I'll have to agree with Freebird. (we refuse to play it) I'm not used to playing with other bands, so I can't complain about other drummers being in the way. I do hate that everyone thinks they're a drummer. Getting stuck in a corner in a smaller club is kind of pain. On the off chance we do open for someone, I hate using other kits.
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I think a bad monitor mix beats a no monitor gig any day..
and the whole tear down on stage thing drives me up the wall.

Also, i hate it when guitarists have shitty cords, heads, or pedals that crap out in the middle of a song/set... fix that shit before the show!

Thats about it.
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Yes, drummers using my cymbals make me cringe. I actually feel sorry for the cymbals because I am not the one abusing them myself. They are used to me!

Also... the normal bad monitor mix... especially when you have told the sound guy (after he asks you) what you need in your mixes and it's the complete opposite. WHY?!?
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When the drum riser is so small the guitarist would be cramped up there, or when the entire stage is the size of a normal drum riser.
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pretty much everything mentioned, but especially incompitent soundmen. one time, the guy hopped on stage just as we started playing a song to toy with the bass drum mic, and told me to hit it when i wasn't supposed to play.
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the worst thing ive ever had happen at a show the drum riser was 2 feet in the air but it was tiny and my kit couldnt fit on it and the rest on the stage was also tiny so i had to rearrange my intire kit just to fit the things on that i needed the most
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I don't mind it when people ask to play my set, but i do mind it when they go ballistic; like an MTV drummer style, as if they were hardcore dancing while playing.

I keep my set clean and i hate it when people leave dents because of their hideous technique.

I just wanted to make that clear.
But at shows, the only problem have is setting up, most people hurry up out of respect or the venue owner gets pissed and sometimes results to takeing off some of your pay.
It always feels different when i set up at a show.

My friend CJ once had to use my right footed double pedal and he was left handed and had to play metal for about an hour for a party.
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