Zildjian or Sabian

Where to buy, how to cleaning etc...

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koreanbeatdown91 wrote:wich cymbal do u like better

I find that ziljian are best for crash,ride and splase cymbals
and that sabian are best for hi-hat cymbals
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zen_drummer wrote:I have a combination of Sabian, Zildjian, Meinl, Ufip, Wuhan (not just chinas... I have a Wuhan Ride that is really fantastic and a 12" Splash that's amazing)

I like to have a nice variety of sounds to work with.

Exactly... brand to me makes no difference..although i seem to be bias to Sabian...i go to guitar center..close my eyes and listen..then open them to check the price tag of course....i have the 12" wuhan also...i think i paid 15 bucks for it at guitar center..probably one of my favorite cymbals.

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I use both.. the music stores hate too see me coming because I bring all my cymbals and have them put them on stands so I can add whatever I am shopping for and see how they all sound together.

Currently I use
20" Zildjian ZXT Ride - I put 10 rivets in this one.. sounds awesome
20" Sabian B8Pro China
18" Sabian B8Pro Crash Ride
18" Sabian B8Pro China
16" Zildjian ZXT Medium Crash
15" Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash
14" Zildjian A Custom Medium Crash
14" Zildjian ZXT Hats
14" Sabian B8Pro Hats
14" Zildjian ZXT China
12" Sabian B8Pro Splash
10" Sabian B8Pro Splash
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For My liking, I have played them all and I LOVE Paiste Sigs!!!
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its a matter of preference. but me personally. i believe zildjian's are too expensive to play regularly. sabians sound just as good and are cheaper.
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honestly i use a sabian 14" hit hat and a zildjian 18 ride crash (as ride for sometimes but manly for crash) and a turkish classic model(i think it's like that). personaly i think there all great cymbals but i like to mix and match. ask u can see :D
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drumming adept
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My personal preferenceis Sabian, because they sound good for what I'm playing, but I also like the way Zildjians sound. Play the cymbals and decide which ones you like. Quality, peformance,and longevity is about the same for both companies, as well as customer serviceso it's really all up to your ears.
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I personally prefer Zildjians, especially A custom crashes. (Ufip splashes are awesome too.) Thats my 2cents
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I use only sabian and ziljdian. they're both great cymbals
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You gotta play 'em before you buy them. If I recall, Sabian is owned by a part of the Zildjian family. I personally play Zildjians, but I have heard awesome sounds from Sabian, Paiste, UFIP, etc... If you go to your favorite drum shop and put five of the same make and model of cymbals between felts, your ears will have a favorite one, even though they are all the same cymbal. I do think it is important to stick with one brand because I think they blend well with one another. Anyway, there is my opinion.
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I use Zildjian and am very happy with them, they have a great sound and I love that they're shiney b/c when the lights are on them, after I hit them the light goes everywhere, kinda fun
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I use both. They both have similar properties (both pro lines use similar amounts of Copper, Tin and Silver etc). I use 16,17 and 18" K custom dark crashes and a 21" dry ride as they are dry, crisp and dark. For brighter, more liquid sounds i like AA and AAX and have these as my 8 and 10" splashes and 16 and 18" china cymbals. Both brands make good quality cymbals from beginner to professional levels.

Choice depends on whether you want to replicate another sound or create your own. The great thing about cymbals is, your choice is only limited to your imagination!
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Both are good. I think Sabian is a lot more experimental with some of thier newer products leading me to believe that they are a little bit more receptive to the changing demands of the modern drummer. At the same time zildjians conventional cymbals i.e hats, crashes, rides, splashes, and even chinas are top notch, pending on the line. Thier more out going ventures haven't realy caught my ear all that much. Years ago I bounced back and forth between the two. Eventualy I switched to Paiste and never looked back.
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I use Zildjian ZHT Splashes, and ZBT crashes. For Sabian I use B8 ride, B8 crash ride, B8 Hi hats and XS20 china. The Sabian hats are great but i prefer Zildjian hats. So i would prefer both. it doenst matter what company the cymbal is, its all about the sound. I bought the ZBT crahs because it had almost the same tone as my B8 crash ride.

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