Playing Fast Highhat Notes

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drumming adept
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I play 10 years now and i have a similar problem with "blackened".My hands are fast but i can't do it at 190bpm for 7 min(wrist playing not fingers).I solve my problem with new sticks 5 A because all the time i play and study with 5 b or bigger.I agree 100% with the previous guys about being relaxed and practice a lot (this is the basic idea and you can't escape). I give you a solution that help me instantly .
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Finger technique.
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the best way to develope chops for me is single stroke type rudiments (roll, 4, 7) and when you practice start slow and build speed i used to do that on one hand to try to play some of john dolmayans one handed hi hat techniques which r stupid fast sometimes and it helped allot

another thing lift weights do forearm exercises itll help your endurance because you muscles can take the strain

use sticks with grips (zildjian dips r sweet) so when you hold the stick at the balance point it wont slide down your hand

and if your on stage and you dont think you can handle it TRY 2 handed hi hat it saved my ass once playing deer dance (all the videos i saw of it he does them one handed and i just seriously couldt handle it so i just did a 2 handed hi hat and it saved me and now i can do them one handed.

pillows rule lol

practice practice practice bring a practice pad whereever u go and whenever u can just work on stuff
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Good technique is worth practicing on both hands but as you seem to be having problems with stamina to get through songs lets target it specifically.

Try playing 8th notes, at a reasonable tempo and to a click for say 5 mins without stopping. If you feel tension drop the BPM by say 2 bpm. Still tension, drop it again. You want to get to a point you can play for the full 5 mins without tension. As your arms get used to it you'll find you can up the tempo gradually, by 2 bpm a time. Do this daily for a couple of weeks and you're stamina will improve greatly!

Don't sit there and do 5 mins, increse, 5 mins increase. Let your muscles relax and recover.

Good luck!
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Take advantage of the rebound on and's. With 16th notes... e's, and a's.