21" Sabian Raw Bell Dry Ride

Where to buy, how to cleaning etc...

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Post Wed Dec 13, 2006 7:40 am

i have a b8, i need to upgrade, im trying to go for a sound that can cross genres of post-metal to jazz, i like all kinds of music and im already planning on getting AA Metal-X crashes, and i like bigger cymbals, but im liking this one, but want to see if anyone has any opinions on it
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I have 2 of those, but the special Phil Collins signature ones. I tell ya, I tried many rides, but this one is THE one for me! Versatile, suitable for loads of prog Rock/hybrid music such as Prog Metal, Jazz, Hybrid Jazz, Fusion, symphonic metal etc!
Go for a HH 21" raw bell dry ride, signature or not! THEY ROCK!
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i agree with the above. i love my hh raw bell dry ride more than anything else ive played.
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