drummers get all of the girls

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zen_drummer wrote:
ross666dreamcatcher wrote:ive nailed just about the same ammount of girls as the rest of the band combined. one of the members may be a girl........ but i nailed her aswell.

Really classy... "nailed" is such a vulgar term...

It's "boinked"

hahah, lovin that. "SLAMMED"
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IT IS DEFINITELEY so that the Drummers get all of the girls...I ONLY love drummers :D I think its sooo hot when a man can play the drums very good..its just sexy :shock:

and I know so many drummers who are lookin so fuckin good, its not normal...so ....and when he even can play drums, its the perfect man for me... :lol:

Drummers are so sexy
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Scott_Hurford wrote:i think it would also help if your good looking and the rest of your band aint :lol:
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well when i was in a band id get alot of girl come talkto me after shows
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Okay, now this one is funny!

Really, it depends on the drummer. I tend to think that guitarist get the girls (in everyband I've ever played in, the gtr player got mass trim).

However, the thing with drummers is that we have rhythm and stamina. If you are not a virgin, you've got to know what that means to a girl.

And drummers are usualy wild. After a gig, that adrenaline is still pumping, and (sweaty or not) you go out there hunting.

We single guys who play drums realize that the girls just saw us laying it down hard and heavy. We know that many girls will connect that to sexual thoughts...

A few drinks later, a hand on a thigh, and viola, horizontal refreshments!

Playing music in general brings in the chicks, and each postion has it's positives and negatives in this area, you just have to know what works for you.

But above all, don't let getting laid come between you and your band mates. That is most important, cuz tomorrow is another town, and a new show. Tonight is finite...

No get out there and pound 'em!

(BTW- Singers don't have much fun. On tour they can't drink or smoke much, and need to rest early, so they are usually back at the hotel when we drummers, bassist and guitarist are raging until the a.m.)
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finally a decent thing about drums worth mentioning.. i have to agree.. drummers do get the girls.... and hell its more fun banging girls than banging drums...

so ppl bang away
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and more ( I forgot)

When you're on the road, carry the tour itenarary with you.

Sometyimes you gotta go wit hthe flow, and head to a chick's house. It's all good, but then you gotta get back to the tour.

Sometimes you are not on the bus, and need to find a way to the next venue (it's your responsibility, remeber that).

I remember one night in Geissen Germany, we just played a show w/Millencolin and 59 times the Pain. Left the venue (on a college campus) went to a party, ran into our trumpet player some how (it was me and the gutiarist, following a bunch of girls around).

The guitarist went with one chick. I ended up with another (with out trumpet player in tow <!>). We got separated from the band, as they didn't stay where the itenarary said they were staying that night).

Long story short. We had to get to Frankfurt by 5PM the next day!

Our hostesses figured out how to get us there, we got a car and headed down the autobahn at 4:00.

Made it to the club before the band, we're they ever surprised to see us!

It's all one big adventure. Bring condoms...
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That's hilarious and brings back painful memories. Nothings better for my ego than when I know I nailed a performance. My head's so big I'm on cloud 10 and then some chick is like...'does your singer have a girlfriend?
"i don't know why don't you go and ask?"

"I like your guitarist!"

Well thanks for fucking sharing! haha
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band members get girls....but the singers usually get more attention.
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PaulZILLA wrote:haha well. women have better rythm sposedly. but female dru mmers are kind of a rareity these days. and they almost always happen to be hot too. i give credit to any girl that drums. because not only does she have to live down the stereotype placed cause shes a girl. but she also has to live down the drummer stereotypes. so my h ats off to the lady drummers. ive already posted my thing on here lol. and now that i have a girlfriend i dont get any girls but her. and thats all on how i behave lol. but id o get alot more attention now that i have a girlfriend. i hate how that works.

Why thank you!
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ok. well.
i am a girl and a drummer.. and all the other drummers i know are single. and as a girl i can tell you that no we dont go for drummers, we go for any type musicians, at least i do :shock: . [b]Drummers are hot too if they do it well.[/b]molly x
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word of advice to any man trying to chat up a lady drummer- cut the crap. Normal chat up lines don't work on us. Especially if she plays in a band with a load of other guys. We know your tricks, and we're pretty tough cookies when it comes to things- we're drummers for christ sake! So just be polite and too the point.

Sorry, just had to state that. Being a single girl the amount of bad chat up lines I hear after gigs is appauling, lol.

Sarah x
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[quote="Leebodrummerman"]Well I have atheory of my own on this one. Some of you may have heard this one before. It goes like this:
The lead singers get the good looking girls.
Guitarists get the loud ones.
Bassists get the quiet ones.
drummers get all the stupid ones.
Well there you are. Highly stereotypical of course.[/quote]

just great...I sing too. I like getting good looking girls but not the stupid ones. I have gotten more chicks since I have started drumming, but I have not noticed anything when I'm w/ my band like that.
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In my old band the bassist got all the girls and he was a complete weirdo and hairy. Although im not complaining i dont want any girls considering i am one myself and i wouldn't want stupid girls either.

Why dont girl drummers get men? does everyone think we are too manly or something? Im not manly at all :<
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i dont get any girls :D