Best Way to Clean Cymbals

Where to buy, how to cleaning etc...

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i use brasso then lemon juice, my hi-hats are the best i have ever heard, will never give them up! (Paiste 404's if i remember correctly..)
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downshifter99 wrote:Wrights Copper Cream...this brings em' back!!!

Breaking in a cymbal?....It's not a motor.

Cleaning em' loses sound quality?....You are off your rocker.

I've discussed this at length before;cymbals are clean when you get,why do you (A)have to break em' in(does that mean the factory sells cymbals that aren't complete?)....they are ready to go from the time they come out of the factory!!! (B)you buy a certain series cymbal(s) because of how they sound(NEW)so,to keep that sound you must clean them....if not then they sound "darker" because of all the crap in the tonal grooves....jazz drummers need cymbals(& drums)to blend in the music,not jump out in front(ie;loose snares,brushes,thin sticks,ect...)that is why they "bury" their cymbals.

So,I bet you believe that you shoud let a bunch of crap get built up inside your drum shells too.....(so,they sound apposed to just getting mahogany shells....or Hand Hammered series cymbals).

Wake up and smell the amps!!!

Whoever told you all that stuff is a fool. :idea:

you are a idiot. alot of drummers they know alot more than you, are alot better than you, and have been playing alot longer then you do not clean thier cymbals ever to get a earthy nautral tone. its all preference. and yes. to get the best sound cymbals must be broken in. you really have no idea what your talking 0 for 2
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screamkevin wrote:
zen_drummer wrote:Why is everybody so concerned with the logos? I'd rather not have that grafitti all over my cymbals.

That's another reason that I love my Saludas. The logo on the underside of the cymbal is the standard black ink logo, a bit smaller than most, but the logos on the top of the cymbals are acid-etched. I like having the logo, but prefer the etched so that it doesn't detract from the look of the instrument.

You can see the small logo in this pic.


Could you put some close pics of those logos? (acid-etched)... please, I'd love to see it.

Thanks. :wink:
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Depending on how badly they are dirty, Paiste has suggested using mild soap and warm water to clean daily. Use only the cleaner made by you cymbal co to clean your cymbals, ie. Paiste use Paiste cleaner, Zildjian use Zildjian so on. The cleaner these company's make are made for there cymbals, I would think they would know. DON"T use over the conter stuff from the local hardware store, it will damage your cymbals due to the acid content. :twisted: :evil:
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i use a brillo pad and horse manure..

that is all..
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Well, here's my little secret.

As I buy new cymbals, I do respect the protective coat they have... everytime I set my kit down, I clean them with soft soap and an humidified towel, then dry 'em and get on the bag.

If they have too much sticks marks, then I clean 'em carefully with liquid car wax. The come off so easy and you have them protected as well. Then dry it again and go to their bag.

I do not recomend to use lemon juice, nor brasso or copper polish on B8 or B20 cymbals (as they're more expensive)... they tend to take off some metal from your cymbals because they take off the copper on the bronce mix, you don't notice but believe me, they do.

As for logos, I go carefull... I don't want to loose my Sabian endorsement just because I don't have the logos... if you don't really like them, then use groove juice or something alike to clean your cymbals and wip 'em off from the begining (just if you're shure that's the cymbal you want... for guarantee I mean).

And don't use process where metal of your cymbals can get overheated, it alteres the hardening process done on the forging... if you get 'em too heated you'll make your cymbals weaker, and tend to break more easily.

Just don't be fool with your metals... :wink:
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I have used Paiste's cleaner, I have used Zildjian's cleaner all in the past. But I just started using this new stuff "Wizzard Cymbal Cleaner," a small husband a wife owned company.

I got marks and stains off of cymbals from way over 20 years ago that the other brands left on there. And My Zildjian 22" Ride is cleaner than it's ever been. Last night I pulled out an old Sonar 18" Crash/Ride and it was really deep and dark green, I cleaned it with that stuff and it's almost like new. Even sounds better.

I have a couple of other cymbals that really need cleaning, so I may end up making a small video for YouTube to show how good this stuff works.
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I use this cymbal cleaner called buckaroo. It works realy good. It was only like 7 bucks and it has lasted me a while.
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I don't clean my cymbals... never cared to. From my experience and from what I've over the last 20 years I've been playing is that cleaning them steals from the sound quality. I don't now if it's true, but just choose not to clean them. I play all brilliant Saluda Mists and have never cleaned them and they look s as good as the day I bought them... and they have plenty of road wear and rehearsal time on them... Try a Saluda Mist brilliant... you may never go back... and may never have to clean it!
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If you got stains... say alight green... its probably from having the cymbals in a cold environment. When they warm up they get fogged and condensation sets in sometimes where you cant see it. Either that or you have them next to something alot that has extreme moisture.
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What about sweat stains? I know it sounds stupid but I used to have to haul my kit to remote parking lots to play and set up that ridiculously big kit. Two of the cymbals (A regular K crash/ride and a paragon ride) got sweat from forehead on them and it left trails of a grayish color on them. I've never cleaned those two so I could probably take 'em out but has this happened to anyone else that has cymbals with that "dry" finish?
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spit shine OR wax-on, wax-off for the best cleaning results :wink: :lol:
only joking, try Groove juice, but dont use to much of it, it can ruin the cymbals 'shine', also, Zildjians and Paiste's cymbal cleaners are good, but only use them on the higher series cymbals (Avedis, K custom, 2002, RUDE, AAX etc...) they aint meant to be used for the lower priced sheet bronze cymbals.
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hi there. new to the fourms :)

curious, has anyone tried a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser?