Mixing cymbal brands

Where to buy, how to cleaning etc...

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Whoever made it up that you are not supposed to mix cymbal brands definitely works for a cymbal company. There is no one way to do anything. Break the "rules" please.
I'm not saying that it's all hype just mostly.
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:) Hey out there in cymbal land. I have all Zildjians but I will soon have3 different sets of cymbals to choose from. I like the consistancy of the same brand of cymbal I mean would you have a multi colored drum set? In most cases probaly not. Don't get me wrong if you wanted a certain sound and the drums were different colors and it doesn't bother you then go for it. ITs all about music anyways right guys and gals! ITs my choice to use the same cymbals brand and make I find that to be my favorite way to do things.
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i have no hang-ups mixing cymbal brands ,but i do know guys who are pureists and think otherwise ! my best advice is to just play what sounds good to you .period! but i do get a kick out of people saying that zildjian suck and are mass produced ,thats why they play sabian instead ,because they are much better ??? as someone pointed out ,every cymbal company makes some great cymbals ! but for the record zildjian and sabian are the same - robert and armand zildjian had a falling out and split the zildjian company between them ,robert got controll of the canadian plant ,but had to give up his rights to the zildjian name !!! so he chose the 1st 2 letters of his 3 kids names-sally,billy,andy -hence "sabian" bottom line robert and armand both make cymbals the way their father avedis taught them ! lol my first post ! woo hoo ,love this board !
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i like to stay with one brand....i play all zildjian, A's, A Customs, K's, Z's. Theres really nothing wrong with it, its just a label...but i perfer to stay with zil...theyre by far the best
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Until they start writing me a check, Im going to use what ever sounds good . I currently have Zildjian crashes with Paiste splashes and a Sabian ride. So if a given company wants to give me some support to keep my setup brand consistent, please contact me with the info provided.
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I would like to offer the following food for thought...

I endorse Paiste Cymbal Gongs Sounds and Etc... I have for many years now. Why? Because I dig them. I believe in their sincerity and love the sound of many--not all--of their cymbals, and it works for ME.

Paiste came to me with the opportunity and I saw that after so many years of playing, I could establish a relationship with a company I admired who felt they could benefit from it as well as I could. That's how an endorsement should work. I have Paiste cymbals I've selected at the factory in Switzerland, hand-picked at the warehouse in California, and ones I've been sent or handed and asked to check out. Whether I love them or not, I give them honest feedback on why. I appreciate my relationship with them VERY much. They are a small but very sincere and dedicated family of craftsmen and to me it was an honor to asked to join their family.

NOW let me tell you this: As a percussionist I don't care if a drum or cymbal is made by MATTEL... if I like the sound, I'll play it. With cymbals I find many sounds I like that Paiste can manufacture but if not I'll use what I need that may be different, and it's cool with them--they get that and I play what I need. I HAVE a cymbal by MATTEL I've used for almost twenty years that was originally a toy I suppose, but nothing else I have sounds like it so why not?

Before I had an endorsement I rountinely used Paiste, Zildjian, Sabian, and Istanbul cymbals in any combination. I still have those cymbals and they all sound good but I made a choice to be with Paiste because I have a love for their product and enjoy the relationship. Instruments are an extension of a sound you relate to. You are the instrument in all reality. A brand shouldn't put up a wall to that. Any artist you dig that uses this or that brand of cymbal, drum, sticks or whatever chooses a company they dig that SUPPORTS them and cuts down their expenses. It is free advertising for the company if the artist is high profile enough.

Use your ear. Follow your heart. Play what you believe in. It could be a brand or a variety, dig? When I started playing, the cymbals manufacturers didn't have their logo stamped all over the cymbals like they do now, so who knew?...