How to choose the right bass drum size?

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I am in the process of buying a new kit and am having trouble choosing my size for the bass drum. I am throwing around a 20x24 and 20x22, I am not a double bass junkie and I want a good low end attack with sustain. But I use souble kick on occassion. Any ideas?
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If you set your kit up 'low' instead of high then go for the 22'. it is easier to set up the kit the way you like it because you are not fighting getting around it.

There really is no difference unless you are not muting it at all, if you do not mute then I would still suggest the 22' because the 24' will sound too big.

I guess it depends on the miking but I always go on how it sounds to me and I have always liked 22' better. I don't have a reason. It is just what appeals to me.
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