What do non-drummers say about your gear?

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"If you were a real drummer . . . .." blah blah blah
This is usally a guitar player talking. They tell me how I just need a hi hat kick and snare. I tell them that they should go get a fucking drum machine to solo along with and stop waisting my time. I would also like to be inventive with what I do as well, and sue me if I used a few splash cymbals to create something more that just your garden variety drum sound.
I don't play a "Neil Peart" set, but I certainly like more options than just a ride and crash.
. . . . .
and the girls admire how shiny it is! :D
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"Your kick is the best kick I've ever heard." (4 drummers, 5 other musicians and 10 non-musicians. It was my Vintage Premier birch 22x14"~roughly)

"I hope you're not using that piccalo as your main snare because it won't have any low end and we won't be able to hear it." And after the show... "Wow, your snare was really loud, sounded really good and had some grunt to it." (from a drummer and sound guy talking about my Mapex 14x3.5" phosphor bronze snare.)

"Couldn't you just play with a kick, snare and one tom?"

"Damn, those drums are yellow!"

"That snare sounds amazing!" (drummers, non-drummers, non-musicians about my Mapex Black Panthers)

"You can play with sticks that have chips in them?"

"Where'd you get those toy cymbals?" (asking about my splashes...this has been asked many times)

"Can't you play everything exactly the same on a 4-piece that you do on a 10-piece?" (If I could I would have saved the money on the new set and just played my vintage Premiers you douche.)

"Why did you break your cymbal?" (Because I wanted to.)

"Why don't you just play a 4-piece since every other hardcore drummer does?" (Because I can play a bigger set....hell, because I can play drums period.)...no offense to the few hxc drummers that can actually play.

"Why do you hit the drums so hard?" (Because I'm pissed off and I'm playing metal.)

"You definately can't fit that set in a sports car."

"Could you kill someone with those?" (About bass drum spurs...so I poked him really hard to find out.)

"Can I play them?" / "Can you play drums?" / "No." / "NO!"

"I like the black heads on the bottom of your toms...I knew a kid who had those too and he sucked.........you don't suck though! Please don't hit me!"

"Would the bass drum pedal hurt if you hit someone in the leg with it?" Yes.

"It doesn't sound good when you play that big plate thing. You should only play those little ones, it sounds better that way." (She almost got a roundhouse kick to the face...almost...)

Yeah, I've gotten a lot of dumb comments and questions.
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"really nice kit bro"

"your shit sounds awesome"

"What are triggers?"

"your the hardest hitter I've ever seen"

I also love it when someone who doesnt play at all looks at your drumsticks and says: "what do you chew your drumsticks or something?"
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Vetis wrote:So I must be the only drummer who's band dosent notice jack shit. haha!

I put a new head on my snare to see if I could dabble with the ghost notes and more accented hits, but I couldnt get the head to sound good and it was getting lost when we played, and nobody even noticed it.

And lastnight at practice I decided to test their awareness again and hit my 8 inch tom every time I was supposed to hit the snare...nobody even looked. It was a sad day.

haha i know how you feel! i dont think my band even noticed when i got another kit! i always notice stuff they do and get!
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Post Thu Dec 07, 2006 9:08 pm

ytsejam1337 wrote:The one that I usualy get is... "Do you honestly need all that?"

And my kit isn't even that large!

Same boat here.

I get the "Do you have to take up so much room?"

My one guitar player tells me daily how amazing he thinks my kit sounds.

The other guitar player asks me "How come you dont set up your splashes anymore?" Of course... thats while they're set up in front of me.

He's the same guy who asks me "Your bass drum sounds good... but not like a trigger."

GOD I hate that one. Doesnt he understand I DONT WANT it to sound like a trigger?

I also use a weird set up. A ten inch up tom and 12 and 16 hanging floors. So I get sound guys telling me "Your floor tom is too low compared to your kit... tune it higher." Its just impossible to tell some of these guys I do it on purpose until after the show is over and they see for themselves.

My bass player always stands on my hi-hat side near my 14" A custom which I use frequently and my snare... so he's usually saying to me "WHAT!? WHAT!?"

I love the comment "Its so easy to be a drummer... you dont have to buy strings." from my guitar players.

And "You're lucky... you get to sit down all night."
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Post Fri Dec 08, 2006 11:49 am

haha your shit and why do you have that nice kit you cant play :D lol

nah mostly wooh nice set up.


thats huge!

you parents are kind to you, by which i would reply ive been working since i was 16! this is all paid by my job :D.

same as a few above!
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Post Mon Jul 16, 2007 6:32 pm

i got migets comin up on stage after a gig and they ask the stupidist shyt like "oh where r ur shells imported from and do u believe tht the thickness of tht certain type of wood combined with this kan produce a"... blah blah blah yada yada yada and so forth....
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Post Mon Jul 16, 2007 6:34 pm

some of my band members dont really know nothing about my set up but they like certain cymbals i have on it and drums
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Post Mon Jul 16, 2007 7:49 pm

"why are you so short?"

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Post Mon Jul 16, 2007 8:12 pm

"You need a bigger set"

"Why is your drum set so big?"

"What are those two big things on the bottem(Bass Drums)?"
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drumming adept
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Post Mon Jul 16, 2007 8:18 pm

"You need more drums..."(Duh)

A quote from a drummer..."A drummer can never have enough drums..."
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Post Mon Jul 16, 2007 9:51 pm

do you really need that many cymbals?
why cant you just have one splash? (or china or set of hi hats)
you dont play loud enough
those bass drum beaters are fuckin crazy
do you have to use a rack?
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Post Mon Jul 16, 2007 11:45 pm


"how much was that?"

"how many do cymbals do you have?"

"can i play them?"
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drumming adept
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Post Tue Jul 17, 2007 12:25 am

Man, I've gotten a few in my day.

"Holy shit, your kit is huge!" (Jeez, I'm only playing a 7 piece!)
"What's that for" (points to drum key that hangs off my wallet chain)
"Why do you have so many cymbals?"
"Why is your set so big?"
"You can tune drums?"
"Why does your bass drum sound clicky? It doesnt sound right."
"Can you play softer" (I'm sorry, but last time I checked, I played METAL! not Jazz! Metal requires power and volume!)
"How do go so fast on your bass drum?"
"Why do you play so fast?" (I dont, all the time)
"Why do you have so many drums?"
"Whats that black thing that surrounds the set?" (Umm, that would be my Pearl DR-80 drum rack)
Man, I'm sure I've heard more, but cant think of them.
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From a photographer: "Your drums are beautiful!"

From everyone who's ever jammed with me: "Can't you play softer?"

From an idiot: "You seriously have to tune drums?"

"Your drum kit is huge! Do you seriously need all of that?" (It's only a six piece, 2 crashes, splash, one set of hats, one ride and a china! Not really big at all!)

From girls: "Drums are so sexy, they're way sexier than guitar, and lead singers might as well all turn gay, everyone knows we all want the drummer" (ok, so I may have made that one up...)
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