Which rack should I go for? Gib vs ICON

It's time to discuss drum accessories.

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Post Tue Oct 17, 2006 6:16 am

I recently bought the ICON curved. I've had the round kind before (not Gibralter) and had problems with it slipping (wuss has nothing to do with it, i bench 300 lbs.) I haven't used the ICON rack live yet, this thursday will be the first. I like the square tubing and haven't found a negative about it yet. I'll give you an update and some pics from thursday's gig.

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Post Wed Oct 18, 2006 2:23 pm

out of those two, i'd say the icon is nicer, especialy the straight one...
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Post Mon Oct 23, 2006 9:22 am

I went the cheap way and used conduit from the hardware store! Just bring in a clamp so you you get the right size. A good coat of spray paint to match your drums and you have a custom rack for less than the off the shelf price! Check the used drum shops or eBay for clamps, but the pipe, square or round might be a lot cheaper at the building supply store
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Post Wed Nov 01, 2006 11:43 am

I'm going to tell you to go with the Icon because of its heavy square tubing construction and because its made by pearl!
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Post Wed Nov 01, 2006 4:49 pm

looks like the icon is the all out winner!
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Post Thu Nov 02, 2006 9:57 am

I have been a Pearl guy for years. And I have used the original Pearl Rack for years. Great but way heavy. I bough the new Icon and tried it for a while it was OK, a little clucky. I returned it and bought a Gibraltar and I was WAY impressed. MUCH lighter and I was worried that with round tubes that the clams would slip. Well it's been a year an NOT ONE slip. The round tubing is actually an advantage for me because I was short one boom arm so I just used a straight arm and turned the clamp to the cymbal where I wanted it. It actually looks cool. It sort of makes me want to see what a whole set up of straight arms angled in would look like. The Gibraltar just gives me more flexibility. Like on the feet of it, I chose to slide the mounts forward a bit so it was more balanced for the way I set mine up. I could not do that with the ICON.

I recently changed kits to a Pacific kit and I could easily change the rack to accommodate it. Though I still think that Pearl's tom arms are the best in the world. I wish the plate on the Pacific RIMS system was big enough to put the Pearl tom mount hardware on it. But with the Gibraltar system I was still able to easily put the new drums where I wanted them.
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