Three smallest things that make you wanna scream

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Losing keys really pisses me off.
When my cymbals have the slightest amount of sizzle when they are simply sitting on their stands; I hate my cymbal rolls to sizzle.
Also, I hate it, HATE IT, when I do a show at some friend's party, and someone who has no clue how to play drums sits behind my kit and whacks away, knowing he/she looks ridiculous. Those be my three.
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1. Hitting my crash cymbal and having that stupid ass wingnut come flying off, hit me in the face, and then dissappear when it hits the ground.

2. Pant leg thing sucks balls all the way.

3. Dropping the drum stick mid-tune, picking it up, and DROPPING IT AGAIN LIKE 2 SECONDS LATER AHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!
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umm the first one will probably only apply to me as im currently well... unskilled in the art of tuning but anyway

1. Spending many hours tuning my drums the way i like them to sound only to find when i play the high toms the snare is hissing at me once again. Normally i end up just taking the snare off.

2. Having some unskilled idiot or a young child allow themself to beat your lovely shiny kit as you can only stand with a fake smile thinking *oh god hes actually gonna break something*

3. Hitting myself in the face or hitting my fingers with the stick in the other hand. Its the face ones that scare me though, they always seem to come very close to my eyes.
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haha I hit myself in the eye with my stick once and had a black eye for a few days, you should've seen the stick though :wink:
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drumming adept
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someone else playing my kit and it sounding soooooo much better than when i play it

equally someone playing a battered old school kit which has never been tuned and it sounding better than my monthly tuned kit (i tune it)
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I can feel you on the stage breaking. I had a similar accident. It was on the Verizon stage at a gig in front of 7000 plus. The rear of the stage collapsed and we all went for a little slide. We were in set up mode, and not too much gear was harmed. My ego was after the bass cabinet in it's flight case and the drum riser landed on top of me. The show did go on that night. We had a blast after realizing no one was hurt.

Throw your pant leg in your sock, carry 15 drum keys, and avoid the black hole under the bass drum that sucks up all of your wing nuts and places them on that planet where all of the spare single lost socks are...
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#3 - I just roll up my pants. Sometimes, the lack of an intended beat can create a cool feel.

What I really HATE is when I sit in on some dude's kit and his BD BEATER hits my foot on it's backswing. PAIN!
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