Snare heads - anything better than ambassador combo?

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drumming adept
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I've got Aquarian Hi-Energy batter over a Classice Clear hazy reso on my snare and it sounds amazing with extreme durability. I love the sound with an emperor x but its pretty controlled and muffled, but the hi-energy is so open and so loud - really brings out the full sound in my Tico Torres sig snare(ultracast free floater) while keeping it durable enough to take a beating off me.
drumming adept
drumming adept
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I tried an emporer on my old snare a long time ago when I was inexperienced and just assumed that an emporer would be better than an ambassador. It sounded pretty good from where I was sitting, but not to the listner. I didn't realize that it was choking the sound. Now I use a coated G1 batter and clear snare. I tune it low and let it ring out.
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Aquarian Hi-Energy over regular Yamaha by Remo snare on Maple Custom 14x6,5. Tuned high, gives a solid dark bash!!
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drumming adept
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You cant go past the Remo CS dot heads for your snare. I love what they do to my steel ludgwig snare. The coated ambassadors are great too. I play rock/funk. Ive tried Aquarian and Evans when they're on special but keep coming back to Remo....
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On my one snare, I have an Evans HT dry...I love it, it is sooo bright, it just cuts through everything. On my other snare drum, I have calf skin.
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i enjoy remo cs power dot.. coated of course.
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I just slapped a Remo Emperor X on my snare and cranked it up. It sounds amazing. Best snare sound I've had.
I used a coated Ambassador before
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Aquarians- American or Modern Vintage or Texture Coated on top, Classic Clear on bottom

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Carter wrote:Do you know any better snare head combination than remo ambassador(batter) over remo ambassador snare?

Not in my experience! This sound is THE sound and is on more recordings in history than all the other brands combined! It's like the sound of the Ludwig Supraphonic snare; probably the most recorded ever!
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I use a 14x4 premier maple modern classic with evans genera dry batter and hazy 300 snare side.
Its loud when used live
but so dry it records like a dream :)
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ret the power center or the reverse power center. they sound alot better than the ambassadors. they have great attack and the power center makes them last longer
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