To all multiple kit owners...

Pearl, Tama, Yamaha, DW, Ludwig, Premier, Mapex etc.

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4 kits of various sizes from 9 piece to 4 peice

I have two complete hardware sets for up to a 5 piece including hi hats and kick pedals. Then I have a supplemental hardware kit for the 9 peice.

I have three complete cymbal banks, one for jazz, one for all around middle stuff like blues/ folk rock and one full set for rock. Then I have supplemental brass as needed china's extra rides for recording etc.

My snare collection is at 11 right now so I can select a drum that fits the sound of the genre of music and gives me a signature sound in different styles.

This allows me to have two kits set up at any moment and with some creativity can multitask a third set up by transporting simply a Hihat, snare stand, and kick pedal from one to another.

My cases are set up to allow this as I don't use one standard traps case but have one small case for the seat pedals hi hat and snare stand and two cymbal stands.
I have a second for the bigger kit that holds the additional hardware for a bigger kit.

Hope that helps and makes sense.

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drumming adept
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Currently, I am lucky enough to have 6 complete kits with full complements of cymbals racks and pedals for each. I have been collecting for the entire time that I have played drums. 12+ snares in the collection or as my family calls it the vault. I will try to add more detail when I have more time to write.
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drumming adept
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I collect and restore vintage drum kits. I have 4 kits right now and a lot of vintage hardware to match them. I dont really have the patience to keep up with tuning and keeping all the drumsets clean, so unless im using a kit, I pretty much take the heads off and stack them up. But then again im always changing and adding on new pieces, buying and selling, so my sets dont sit around much.

To answer your question, if I had time and another set of cymbals, I would leave probally 3 drumkits set up at a time. I have a couple sets of hardware and there all differnt brands and durabilities. I strongly reccomend having more than one set of hardware to suite your needs.

I have my lightweight and small Rogers swivomatic hardware for small quick gigging situations, and a set of Ludwig Hercules hardware, I try not to use that because im worried about breaking the beautiful plastic T handles.

My atlas hardware is great when I have my set set up in my basement for casual playing because It compliments the set and looks nice, but its not heavy duty enough to leave home or even have band practice with.

When im worried about durability, or have time and muscle to lug heavy hardware around, or if multiple drummers are using my set, I have my DW 5000 hardware. I prefer that to the 9000 hardware because its slightly heavier with biger tubing, and a lot cheaper.

The only thing that stays consistent for all my sets is my Hi hat stand, a Ludwig Hercules, My speed king bass pedal, I have 2 because I love them so much, and my DW 9000 Snare stand. I like that snare stand because it has the big plastic handle to adjust the snare angle, so I dont have to reach around underneath to find the wing nut to move my snare. That is the one piece of hardware EVERY drummer should splurge for. I also have a roc-n-soc throne I use, but only bought it because I got it discounted.
-Matt Kinel

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Paiste Giant Beats and 2002 Cymbals
Vintage Ludwig Hercules and Atlas Hardware
Speed King Pedal, Supraphonic Snare
Remo Heads, Coated
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drumming adept
drumming adept
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i have two complete kits a yammi and an old beat around premier. i dont really use the pemier anymore as the extra hardware keeps getting moved on to the yammi. As I always desire more stuff hanging of it. and cant be bothered to replace skins on the old piece of junk. I would like to get a better kit and more cymbals, something like a DW and keep it cased for gigs and retire the yammi for the practice space.and sell the premi off to a beginner or make it a trigger kit. but i'll have to wait for more money to come my way.
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drumming adept
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seandude wrote:i want a new kit but why do u need more than 1?

They are just beautiful! I have 5 drum kits currently and I would still like to add a chrome finish vintage Ludwig and a clear vistalite set.
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i have 2 kits

but i am one of those who have to use the same cymbals / stands / double kick pedal for both

i was intedning to have seperate things for each kit, however due to my taste in cymbals, its a little too expensive

it is rather annoying to be honest, and i wish i had some spare money to get more bits, i want this mostly so i can play at home
as i have my old crap kit at the rehearsal room, i would like to get more chance to practice rudiments, and keep up my stamina, as for the last month all my bands have been a little slack, ive only had about 5 practices in a month

and the death metal band practice on sunday was painful as hell, now ive gotta build up the tiny muscles which i used to have

i really didnt know how suddenly they disappear
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seandude wrote:i want a new kit but why do u need more than 1?

For me, the reasons are simple. One, I like the different nuances that come with different drums(maple vs.birch, acrylic, small toms, large bass drums vs. small, etc.) and since i don't play a huge kit anyway, I like having my options. Same with my snares....I can't imagine having just one snare. I take at least 3 to a live gig and depending on the session I will take at least 7 and I do have a case that holds all of them should that ever come up. Same with cymbals. I have some unique cymbals, especially some rides that would not be right for every day use but in the studio you never know what to expect. I have an old Zildjian 20" Flat ride, a 1950's 21" Istanbul K, an 1980's Zlidjian Ping Ride and a 1980's Paiste Black Colorsound 22" to name a few. Options, options, options.

The second reason why I have more than one kit is that I find myself working 2 or sometimes 3 gigs a day when I am at my busiest. I might do a session in the am until 5 or 6 and then have to dash across town and play a gig with my rock trio. I am fortunate that I do have someone to help in those cases so I would use my Tamas in the studio, take what I need from there(which isn't much...) and then grab my Slingerlands or my custom kit for my gig that night. It is truly a blessing and a curse to be THAT busy but without a second or even a third kit at my disposal I would not be able to work as much as I do.

This is an example of how mutliple kits saved me. On one Friday I had a recording session that started at 9am and went until 5pm. I then had a jazz trio gig in town where I grabbed my little jazz kit with the 18" bass drum and played there from 6:30 until 8:30pm. Mind you, my tech guy had already set up my gig set at my 9:30pm gig. So he retrived the studio set while I was playing my trio gig, took it to my house, then came and got the little jazz kit while was enroute to my late night gig where he had set my other kit up while I was in session. VERY busy day....without three kits AND my tech/friend it would not have been possible to do all of them. He was well compensated. And again, I am not bragging. I feel I am blessed to work as much as I do.

The third reason is purely selfish. I love drums. Some people collect cars, guns, dolls, action figures, Hot Wheels, etc. I love drums and plan on collecting until I run out of room. And sense! At this point I have room for more. Bun E. Carlos has a BARN full of old drums on shelves cataloged and organized. Not quite there yet....but how cool would THAT be eh?
Peace and great grooves to all,
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I have 2 complete kits...bigger drums and smaller ones. different sounds, different size rooms, different size stages, different number of players onstage, different instrumentation, and different type gigs, etc...

Premier Signia Marquis (18" KICK, 12" RACK, 14" FLOOR)

Noble & Cooley (22" KICK, 12" AND 13" RACKS, 16" FLOOR)

i do like to choose a different snare depending on the gig...

i have hardware for both kits. kinda makes it tough to be in 2 places at the same time... well, if you can't be...(1 set of all can work that out, right??lol)

ooh, the same w/ cymbals. i can be in 2 locations w/ those, as well...

i do have the kids 5 piece set of lower line sonors, that i have used a couple times on a gig. i have borrowed from that kit , random hardware, too. eat and enjoy!!

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yeah i got two complete kits to me it beats dragging equipment back and forth between practice and shows
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I just started my dream of collecting kits. I have a monster Sonor Force 3000 11 piece double kick kit that is just too big to take out, so it lives at home. I have a 5 piece Grestch Renown Maple kit that is usually in cases ready to go. I also just bought a Ludwig 4 piece that has been customized in to "fast toms" and refinished. My monster kit has a rack system and it stays with it. I have enough cymbal stands and such to stay in their case as well. For the Ludwig kit I just bought, I found an ebay deal for 3 PDP boom stands for $99. I could not pass that up. They are lightwieght and would not do well for a basher. They can support my heavy cymbals and toms clamped to them though, so I think I got a good deal. The thing I am faced with now is that I have the room to do it, so I want to have all the sets set up, just so when you walk in to the room you are like "damn! Drums everywhere!!!!" :) Of course when the entire band is over it might be cramped but I want to see the fruits of my labor. Plus if a couple of drumming buddies come over we all have a full kit to play. Madness!! My goal is basically to have my room look like a drum shop with kits, stands and cymbals everywhere! I am just a boy with a dream! :) Cymbals are a killer though. Still working on that collection. I have been hitting the pawn shops and Ebay. I know some people don't like buying cymbals on line, but if it is soemthing I am not familiar with I will go to a local shop and check it out first.