To all multiple kit owners...

Pearl, Tama, Yamaha, DW, Ludwig, Premier, Mapex etc.

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Post Tue Jan 23, 2007 1:12 am

i have 1 good kit and 1 beater kit later on in like 2 or more years ill think of getting another.
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drumming adept
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Post Tue Jan 30, 2007 2:09 pm

I just bought a Mapex M-birch 7pc. I still have my Mapex V 7pc. I am working on getting my V set up with all cymbals that I need. The V will be my practice kit and the M-Birch will be my live kit.
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I have three complete kits. One set is at our practice facility, one set up on stage at our regular gig, and a third at home for practice and pick up gigs.
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I have two shell packs but I have to share hardware except for hi hat stand, snare stand and pedal..
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drumming adept
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Post Sat Feb 17, 2007 12:09 am

I have two kits. A 7 piece Sonor Force 2001 or 2003 series kit, and a Rockwood 5 piece kit. The Sonor kit is my big kit with everything on it, the rack and all. MY rockwood kit is in shambles, being put through a makeover at the moment, but I do have a separate throne, pedals, and everything for it. I would just need to snag a couple things off the big kit to complete it.
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drumming adept
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I have 2 complete kits set up in my home studio. One is a Gretsch Renown maple in autumn burst finish and the other is my Spaun birch kit in Green lacquer fade. The Spaun has a double bass pedal and is basically my rock kit and the Gretsch is my jazz -latin kit complete with cowbell, woodblocks and a foot pedal wood block.

I have a PDP maple shell pack in white onyx that I am going to sell, a Mapex pro M rock shell pack with 24 inch bass drum and 8x14 snare. I also have a Ludwig Accent series in cherry burst glitter that is kept in cases for gigs and practices. I am currently looking to buy a DW, Yamaha Absolute custom or Pearl Reference or Masters series. I have not decided yet.
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I have four kits. ALL of them have been modified to use the Tama L-rod mounting system so I can interchange tom mounts. I have two complete sets of hardware. One stays with my Tama Starclassic kit that I use exclusively for sessions and non-bar gigs and the other is adaptable for the other three kits. I don't use bass drum tom holders on any of the kits EXCEPT the Starclassic and only because it was already there when I got the drums. It is the original sliding mount and I have had no complaints from engineers regarding toms ringing when the bass drum is struck.

I am going to put a third set of hardware together that is the lighter duty stuff for pit gigs, jazz trio things and gigs of that sort where heavy double braced hardware isn't necessary. Almost there wiith this.....just need a couple of cymbal stands and I am good. I do keep both sets of hardware in different hardware cases with a label stating which set is which since I sometimes have the use of a tech who comes to grab the gear. Ideally I guess having four complete sets would be nice. But I have a LOT of gear as it is. And I am running out of space. SO I opt for more snares and less hardware, at least at this time.
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session drummer
session drummer
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Post Mon Feb 19, 2007 2:43 pm

i want a new kit but why do u need more than 1?
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yo bunny bunny ill take your acess parts i need some
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seandude wrote:i want a new kit but why do u need more than 1?

so you can make them sound diff and play wat you feel like playin diff days
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Well I have 3 kits

Of course my Beautiful Mapex Pro M Blue Ice.... Complete with drum rack, cymbals, matching percussion stuff...etc.etc....

My other two kits are.....

Yamaha Stage Custom....This one is a shell pack and can be mounted onto my rack in place of the Mapex......

Pearl Session series........ This one is complete with its own hardware etc, its less drums for smaller rooms/stages/acoustic shows etc....

To be safe a drummer should have MULTIPLE KITS>>>>
the "dream" kit...
and another kit for practice or "jam nites" when others may play your kit....

One for looks and show/one for work/practice......
Drummers are like money.....It's better IN THE POCKET!!!!!

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I have two kits @ my dispoesal right now. One @ one rehersal space, and another @ another rehersal space. the only thing I interchange is a couple of cymbals.
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drumming adept
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I have 3 full kits of varied sizes, my main kit is a red DW kit, and has 10,12,and 13 inch rack toms, a 16 inch floor tom, varied Sabian cymbals, and 6, 8, and 10 inch roto toms with a 22 inch kick. Then I have a Pearl kit with 12 and 14 inch rack toms, 22 inch kick, 16 inch floor tom, and varied Zildjian and Paiste cymbals. And last I have my black Canon kit that has 6,8,10,12,and 13 inch rack toms (soon to have 14, and 15 inch toms too), 16 inch floor tom, and 22 inch kick, also with varied Zildjian and Paiste cymbals.
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I have three five piece kits..Two complete hardware sets..Two sets of cymbals...One I keep at home for practise chops time....

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Post Mon Feb 19, 2007 6:06 pm

2 complete kits and one set of shells that I'm slowly adding to for a third complete set and a spare bass drum which may end up being a fourth kit, probably just shells though.
I never meant to have that many, but I'm not complaining.
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