I've come to the conclusion I don't know anything.

Post here anything about the world of drumming. Equipment, music, drum gear, artists, events, gigs, and anything else drum set related!

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Post Mon Dec 04, 2006 3:46 pm

Every one of you guys has put into words something I've felt for a long time. You play for a few years, think you're pretty good, then all of a sudden here comes some 10 year old that knocks your ass out. Or you see someone like that guy playing with the beatbox dude while juggling his sticks that someone posted recently. I've been working on that groove with the left-handed two cowbell ostinato (about 2.5 minutes thru) for a while now and I still can't do it nearly as good as that dude. Probably took him years. At least I hope it did......It may take me that long!! But at least I'm trying. And I'll get it eventually.
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Post Wed Dec 06, 2006 6:36 am

Hi all

I have been playing drums for about 26 years now and teaching for the last 12 of those. I've been very fortunate in that I've been able to make a decent living from playing/teaching and never had to get an "ugh, Day job" and have been able to follow my motto"Do what you love to do and find a way to make money at it"

Having just recently hit the age of 40, I found myself in some serious moments of reflection about my future. 401K uh,..No!
Medical plan...yeah,right! and all the crap you never think about when you're 25-35. Not to mention preparing for my first (and only) baby coming in January.

So this line of thinking really started me on down that reflective path of analyzing my playing, what I've accomplished thus far and of course what more I need to work on.

Which that last one, once you open up that can of worms, can really send your head into an overwhelming tailspin of
"There's so much to do, where the hell do I start"!!

After all these years I feel that I'm still scratching the surface of what drumming is all about and the infinite combinations of rudiments, grooves, stickings, showmanship and a seemingly evergrowing list of styles and genres of music.

When I find myself going into a self doubting mode it's usually because I'm in a rut or bored with my own playing.
If this is the case I'll try all kinds of things to get inspired again.
Going thru old drum books, watching drum videos, Going to watch other players throw down, buy a new piece of gear, listen to some new music, play with different people and once I find something I want to learn I really try to focus on it it until it's nailed and then milk it for all it's worth!

I've come to realize a long time ago that being a drummer or musician ,period, for that matter is not a destination but a journey.
You can always be faster, cleaner, stronger or have more chops in your tool box than you do at present. There's always going to be a bigger, badder dude on the next block also. It's a never ending honing process.To be good at anything that requires daily honing of skills, whether it be drumming or golf, takes passion and a love for what you do. All you can do is try to be the best that you can and have fun along the way.

Keep swingin'!!
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drumming adept
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Post Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:22 am

I am pretty much self taught so I know I don't know jack squat. I listen to other drummers and try to remember what I find interesting or cool. I am not jealous of others talents, I am inspired. The way I figure it, if I listen and like something and take a piece with me and incorperate it into my playing, I am being taught.

What I find truely inspiring are drummers that you know are doing and sounding like only themselves. What I mean is, we all have moments where you can hear our influences in our playing but it is in the presentation and context that show our originality.

If you can hear my inflences yet I still sound like myself then I have learned what I need to know up to that point. Drumming is a journey and if you truely love it, you never stop evolving as a drummer. You can learn and be influenced by others and still sound like you. I do, I think. I am not trying to brag at all but I believe that I have a style that says "This is Scott playing drums, my way". Musicians I have played with past and present have said similar things to confirm my belief. My good friend Tadd who was in a band with me years ago and just joined the band I am in now said to me recently, "I was listening to some songs of the band's and you have gotten a lot better but I knew it was you"

That says all I need to hear about whether I am OK or not.
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drumming adept
drumming adept
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Post Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:39 am

I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.

I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance.

I was afraid that by observing objects with my eyes and trying to comprehend them with each of my other senses I might blind my soul altogether.
Rock on with your bad self!

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drumming adept
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Post Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:55 am

I've been burned,bummed,blocked,ect....

It's about the love of music,it's the only thing that lets you feel every feeling there is.

There are alot of drummers out there that can"blow my ass out of the water" but fuck that!I am a drummer just like them and all of you....I'm not above,nor below you.

I play the drums because that's the gift that "my" creator gave me...so I'll take the money and run(so to speak).

Hold your heads up......we have much work to do. :D
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Post Wed Dec 06, 2006 8:49 am

Never get discouraged!!!! Take a break, change styles, find new influences, but never get down on yourself. Everyone normally hits some type of platue with their playing, but get past it. I think most players feel the same way alot of you do, and myself included. But u must move on. If you have to go back and relearn a few things, no biggie, master them this time around. I think mastering the rudiments and breaking them up around the kit is a great way to get some insperation. It has helped me come up with some groovy beats, and helped to make me more creative. I have been in a slump several times, but, kept going. My involvement with drumming helped to launch my interest in show production , and this has opened many doors for me. I have had the pleasure of working with Uncle Kracker, Tantric, David Allen Coe, Brett Micheals, and a few other nationals. You don't have to be a " RockStar" to make a contribution to the music scene, and u don't have to be Neil Peart to go out and do shows....Just be, and do the best you can....
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drumming adept
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Post Wed Dec 06, 2006 10:58 am

Yeah, when you finally come to the realization that you know nothing and you may never know anything, but you've spent so much time and effort to learn everything you do know...it can be really disheartening.
Keep at it though. Have fun with it. I was getting bummed a while ago and then an old friend called me up to see if I could jam with his band and play some shows. I didn't really want to do it since I play metal and his band is alternative rock and cover songs, but I figured I had nothing to lose. It actually gave me an opportunity to work on different grooves and skills that I had been neglecting as well as throw in some of my metal/hardcore skills into the mix. And since I'm just doing it for fun I've been a lot more relaxed and actually playing better (and it's also good to hear that they tried out 4 drummers previously and I rock their socks off).

Just go have fun man, use what you know when you can and don't worry about not knowing when to use skills that you've practiced, one day you'll come across a situation to use them. Also, check out as many drummers that can own you as possible, especially in different music styles, because watching them can show you how to use your skills differently...and keep a sharp eye out for those boobie flashes!
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Post Sun Dec 10, 2006 11:01 pm

Wow, I see there are alot of people like me. I am a good drummer, but hey I am always trying to be better. Like for instance, I love to play double bass, but my left foot doesnt like to work like my rite foot. So I try to play a set at practice with only my left foot to try to get it stronger. It seems to be working, but I have a lot of years on my rite to catch up to....lol. I am going to be ordering Tomis Langs video, I have heard it is awsome and chalenging, sounds like what I need to improve my playing. We'll see what happends after I recieve it. From one drummer to another just keep trying new things, it realy helps to keep that spark shining inside you to play better. Cya!!!
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