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This is a GMS SE 6 peice maple kit, w/ black sparkle to silver sparkle fade. The rims match the color of the drums which are hard to see in picture, but there are black rims on the batter side, and chrome on the resonate side, looks cool in person, and sounds incredible. Anyway, specs are:

18x22 kick drum
7x8 tom w/ suspension system
8x10 tom w/ " "
9x12 tom w/ " "
12x14 floor tom w/ suspension system
14x16 floor tom w/ " "
5.5 14 pearl sesitone classic II snare drum.

2 sabian 17' AA medium thin crash
1 16' sabian AAX studio crash
1 22' sabian AA dry ride
1 10' sabian AAX splash
1 set of sabian 14'AAX studio hi-hats

Tama iron cobra double bass pedal.

And of course---Ahead drum sticks

Evans G1 heads, not my choice, but thats what came on them.

I also have a DW Marine White kit which I might post , it's also a beauty.
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Very nice sparkle fade :!: 8)
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I've already said that you have a wonderful set! Please post full specs :)
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Awesome, bet that thing sounds great!
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thats a cool kit, I also hav a GMS 6-piece set, I'll have to post pics soon.