saluda cymbals

Where to buy, how to cleaning etc...

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Post Sat Nov 10, 2007 7:24 pm

I have vids posted on YouTube at these links: My band doing "Hey There" by Rhino Bucket. My band doing "Pour Some Sugar..." by Def Leppard

Keep in mind, there is no board mix here. It's all from a handheld digi-cam, so the sound is somewhat thin. I use Voodoo and Expressions Chinas, Diamond and Mist-X crashes, a Mist-X ride, and Diamond hats.

And BTW, there are several sound samples on the Saluda website. :wink:
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Post Sat Nov 10, 2007 7:39 pm

Those are some great videos Kevin!

Here's my old band's video. You can see a Saluda here and there.

Here's one where you can hear the cymbals raw.

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Post Sun Nov 11, 2007 1:15 pm

well when i got some extra cash i think i'll be picking up a ride cymbal from them. maybe a splash as well.
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Post Wed Nov 14, 2007 7:34 am

I just got a few Saludas, mostly some chinas in a couple different series. They sound really bright, which is a good contrast from most of my crashes. They also seem like they're pretty durable. They ended up being a LOT cheaper than I expected them to be, too. I finally decided on five cymbals when I ordered. Altogether, I spent somewhere around $360. Not bad at all for cymbals that are designed to my own specs, in my opinion.
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Post Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:13 am

had to bump this topic, i was reading cause i wanted to see if i could find a thread comparing saluda to sabian etc. Cause i really like sabian and i'm making the switch from zildjian to saluda really soon here. first off on michigan91, he's a member of the Paiste Only forum which i'm a member of as well, cause i played paiste for 26 years, until their lack of custom ordering has sent me in the other direction. Paiste hands down makes the best rides, great ping, nice bells, nice undertones, again to each their own. Michigan91 is a young kid who switched from zildjian a customs to signature reflectors (he bought some stuff from me when i sold paiste, and i still do), the kid back then didnt understand why jamie had full retails on there. he's pretty well behaved on the Paiste only forum, even though he just said they are expensive howe's reaction must have come from certain history with this kid, a bit over the top, but i dont know what happened.

Anyways, paiste is a great company with a lot of lines like everyone else, just need to find you sound, and i'm sure everyone can find their sounds if they look hard enough. For instance, if you were looking for A custom sounds, you'd go with 2002 wilds and some signature reflectors, both are silvery, bright and cutting. looking for k darks, go with Dark energy's or traditionals (both amongst the most expensive cymbals ever, obviously cause of oversea deliveries etc) Paiste to me, makes the best ping rides and chinas. hihats are good only if you go with alpha soundedges, signature soundeges, 2002 SE's and reflector heavy fulls. the others are all ok. crashes they have some good crashes, 2002 wilds are like a customs, sig heavy fulls are great, regular sigs are good and the intermediate line alpha rock crashes are nice too. Paiste has a lot of quality stuff, i have just worn thin on the lack of customization to tweek my sound, so yeah i'm switching to Saluda. Sabian will make customs, but i dont think they work with you as much as Jamie and thats the reason i'm going to Saluda.

Just a few notes about the other companies...Zildjian great hihats, crashes and a couple decent rides. Sabian fantastic hihats, crashes, ok chinas,,,still looking for that great ride from them. Mienl, make great everything, hihats, rides that are comparable to paiste, but they are more expensive than Paiste :(

I've tried and played more than 200 cymbals in the last two years cause of being a cymbal distributor, so i've tried my fair share of all three big companies.
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