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hey guys... i have had a few ppl come to me about kit advice of late... they r asking for a good kit with low price... plus i have a beginner looking at purchasing a kit and they dont want to spend much either... so throw at me what u guys think these ppl should purchase...
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try out mapex beginner range the VX series they about £350 and are really good kits with Isolated mounts and great finishes. they'll keep a beginner goin for a long time.

but if starting out totally and want the most basic starter kit then go for a stagg, cb, session pro etc starter kits they about £200 and cool starter kits all they need is reheaded.
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the cheapest ive seen for the price is £200 and its the best sound i've heard for tht price, its a "SX Star Series" Kit, fit the kit with Remo/Evans heads and it sounds very good for the money, VERY good