Moshii's Kit (4-11-10)

You have a Kit that You're proud of it? We want to see it!

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drumming adept
drumming adept
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Post Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:15 pm


I'm quite aware of how small they are, and I'll try to do something about that. We'll see.

Hammerax "Meanie"
14 Zildjian ZXT Titanium hats
16 Paiste 805 China
18 Sabian APX crash
14 Paiste Alpha (old series) crash
18 Zildjian Z-Custom crash
20 Zildjian Crash of Doom
20 Sabian Prototype AAX ride
10 Sabian Prototype HHX bell
16 Sabian AAX china


(Aux) Ludwig "Rocker", 14 (Evans Genera) (L)
(Main) Tama Rockstar, 14 (Evans Reverse Center Power Dot) (R)

Toms (Evans Onyx Coated two-ply, all)
10 Tama Rockstar
12 Tama Rockstar
13 Tama Rockstar
14 Tama Rockstar (suspended floor tom)
16 Pearl Forum (floor tom)

Bass (Evans EMAD2 batter, Aquarian Resonator w/ ports front)
22 Pearl Forum (L)
22 Tama Rockstar (R)

(Practice) Vic Firth 2A, Promark "Natural" 2A
(Recording, performance) Vic Firth Danny Carrey signature
(One-song performance) Ahead Joey Jordison Signature
Yes, I use different sticks for full shows and one-song shows. Yes, I have two whole sets in one. I've played many kits, and this is my favorite by far. Maybe just because it's mine. Dunno. One helluva frankenstein kit, eh?

And one for the road:

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groove master
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Post Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:24 pm

Late ass reply. Looks great, kind of close to what I want to achieve when I go get a new kit in a few weeks. I am jealous :P
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