Perfect practise pads???

It's time to discuss drum accessories.

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Scott_Hurford wrote:
drummert2k wrote:a good practice pad is priceless. i dont know what i'd do without mine. i have about 15 differant kind of pads but my favorite by far is the good old real feel. i use it to chop stuff out in the van on between shows, before shows to warm up, when we're on tour and staying at someones apartment for a few days and i cant play my kit, when im learning new exercises and just sitting infront of the tv kecking a bit.

my vote goes to the real feel all the way. well worth the money.

whats the feel of tht practice pad like? i'm looking into buying the 'Real Feel'. Wats the rebound like?

the "gum side had great rebound. kinda like playing a fairly torqued snare. great for learning new exercises and stuff. the other side (on a 2 sided pad) is harder and makes you work more for the notes. more for building chops.sorry about my bad typing. the bar was buying the band free jager all night at my gig. typing is a little hard right now. lol
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Susanboy wrote:If worse come to worse, a 2x4 will work just fine.

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