removing / preventing rust and/or shell damage

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I have a couple tiny little rust spots on the rims of one of my toms.

Can I get rid of that? And what should I do to prevent that from happening in the future?

Also is there some kind of oil I should use on my drum shells (maple w/ an emerald fade paint job)?

At my local store, I could only find either cymbal polish or 1 other kind that claimed to be for "everything." (which seemed odd so I didn't buy it) The guy at the store suggested a brilo pad for the rust, but I wasn't sure if he knew what he was talking about...
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Have you tried CLR?

Calcium lime and RUST remover?
It might help
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If the rust isn't too bad any good chrome cleaner from the auto parts store will remove the rust and make your chrome clean and shiny. If the rust is more substantial though, I've used the aluminum foil method with great results. You crunch up a small piece of foil and wet with water or chrome polish to lubricate it and rub the rusted areas gently with the foil and the rust will disappear. Clean normally with chrome cleaner after and your rims will be clean and shiny. Some people use fine 0000 steel wool but I have never recommended that, it'll leave fine scratches, never use a brillo pad. Any method you use though be gentle, chrome can and will scratch.
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^ Kinda what he said. I refurbished my used custom kit which had rusted and corroded spots with Never Dull. You can get it at Auto Zone or Advance, it comes in a silver can. Bacically, its a cotton/loose polyester type material, and you take a pinch of it out.. (sorta like picking the cotton out of new medicine bottles). But, I recomend that because it cleans, SHINES beautifully! AND protects. Just be carefull around your drum finish, Im not sure if it harms it or not (i have an acrylic)

Psh, I even used that stuff on my stainless steel exhaust tips on my 88' Firebird :D 8)
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My stands have some rust on them, especially my hihat stand, which is covered in the stuff
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iv had same problem as my kit is outside in a stable, bit of a bum tbh