:D need help... what's the name of this cymbal?

Where to buy, how to cleaning etc...

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hey guys! this is my first post... i must say this forum is awesome, and for me (I started drums only 2 years ago) it's a great chance to learn stuff from all of you...
the first thing I want to ask: what's the model and name of the cymbal used by chris adler (i think it's a kinda splash) that u can see well in this video? (in the middle of the song expecially)


he uses it as "accompanyment",it's the little cymbal on his right-side; it sound like a closed charleston ( something like that :S ).. can u tell me its name? or something good from another brand also, that can be used as this? thx for help....
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This video won't work on my PC... however, here's Chris' cymbal setup from Meinl's website


A: 14" Generation X Filter China
B: 12" Soundcaster Custom Distortion Splash
C: 14" Soundcaster Medium SoundwaveHihat (top)
14" Byzance Dark Hihat (bottom)
D: 8" Candela High Bell
E: 14" Soundcaster Medium Crash
F: 8" Byzance Splash
G: 14" Soundcaster Medium Crash
H: 16" Amun Thin Crash
I: 8" Byzance Splash
J: 18" Byzance Medium Crash
K: 14" Soundcaster Medium Soundwave Hihat (top)
14" Byzance Dark Hihat (bottom)
L: 24" Chris Adler Signature Mb20 Pure Metal Ride
M: 17" Byzance China
N: 16" Generation X Filter China

hope it helps
keep on drummin!
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Yeah, it's definitely the 8" Byzance splash, but he uses different cymbals from time to time, for example he uses sometimes amun& byzance crashes instead of soundcasters.
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note : adler breaks his splashes pretty often
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Put your oily fingers on my cymbals and die.

I LOVE IT!! I tell my singer all the time.."Quit playing with my cymbals!" He likes to touch them while I am playing..AAHH!!

I have yet to actually lay eyes on a Meinl but they sure do sound good from what I have seen so far.
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stevo wrote:note : adler breaks his splashes pretty often

he rides on them, if i were him , id use a 10" hi hat cymbal , might last longer, but im not going to tell a pro drummer what kit he shud use, ill just get slapped. quite rightly too
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